Roger CPA Review Updated Product Reviews


We recently announced that Roger CPA Review is now part of UWorld, a high-stakes exam preparation company trusted by more than a million students. One immediate benefit to this partnership is our recent launch of a completely upgraded Roger CPA Review course. With this upgrade, students still have access to the same engaging and effective video lectures from Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA, but now also benefit from a brand-new course platform and enhanced content that promotes active learning.

To ensure that our program continues to provide the best resources for successfully passing the CPA Exam, we requested that some of our students beta test the new course prior to launch. And, the results are in! Below is the most recent feedback from our students about the new user experience. 

The new version of the Roger CPA Review course is the best study review material out there. I have used a couple other review courses and nothing compares to this upgrade. It has a user friendly interface that is almost identical to the CPA Exam. The features that really stand out from other courses (besides Roger’s energetic lectures) are the multiple choice question sections and SmartPath.

The multiple choice question sections are set up so the candidate can practice taking a full testlet. This allowed me to practice questions while focusing on how much time it took me to complete a section. Time up until the test is precious so every moment until then has to count. SmartPath allowed me to focus on topics and lectures that I needed more time with. It also compared my score to others that have passed to make sure I was on the right path. I have passed 3 sections with Roger on the first try so they are doing something right!  – Rianna Wilcox

The new Roger CPA Review course has helped me greatly in my studies to become a CPA. Roger’s lectures are entertaining and engaging. I actually look forward to watching his videos. 

I particularly like that the Roger CPA Review course has SmartPath. SmartPath has been a great way for me to keep track of how I am doing on multiple choice questions and simulations. I highly recommend Roger CPA Review! – Hannah Evans

As a recent college graduate and an incoming public accounting new hire, I wanted to find a way to efficiently and effectively study for the CPA exam. Through thorough analysis of the current CPA Review market, I decided on purchasing the Roger CPA Review course. I have been very happy with my purchase because Roger Philipp and his staff go above and beyond when it comes to giving CPA candidates the information and materials needed to pass the exam! One particular example is their recent collaboration with UWorld, “the revolutionary leader in high-stakes exam preparation and professional education.”

This partnership has effectively enabled me to utilize the Roger CPA Review course more easily because their new layout and features have made it possible for me to locate all the sources I need in a quicker fashion! I particularly am fascinated by the images that now accompany the explanation of various multiple choice questions. I consider myself more of a visual learner; therefore, I believe this new feature will not only help me, but also, other CPA candidates in their pursuit of passing all four parts of the CPA Exam. I would like to commend Mr. Philipp and his staff for constantly striving to improve their review course and helping their customers in their journey through CPA licensure! – Joseph J. Suarez

The new version of the Roger CPA Review course layout has helped me study more efficiently. The new layout features allow for a faster way of navigating through the website. I found it simpler to use and I liked how many of the options were still similar to the old layout. I started using the new layout two weeks before my FAR exam. In those two weeks, I was able to finish the last three sections of FAR and complete a full review using the new layout. I ended up passing FAR on the first try!  – Gabriel Perez

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