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We love hearing from our students about their CPA Exam success! Read the testimonials below and learn how Roger CPA Review has helped over 200,000 students pass their CPA Exam! 

April 2017 Student of the Month: Alany Rodriguez

Our April 2017 Student of the Month is Alany Rodriguez! Alany passed the exam just in time to focus on Busy Season and attributes her success to putting in a lot of time and effort to study hard while balancing work and life. Learn more about why she thinks everyone should take the exam seriously and how having more experience in the field will help future accountants be more passionate in their work.

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October 2016 Student of the Month: Vishakha Banwat Patel

Our October 2016 Student of the Month is Vishakha Banwat Patel. Vishakha is an international student from India who passed the exam in 12 months. She gives her advice on which section of the exam to take first, why it’s helpful, and how Roger CPA Review gave her confidence with English being her second language.

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September 2016 Student of the Month: Jared Lee

Our September 2016 Roger CPA Review student of the month is Jared Lee! Read about how sticking to a study plan was the key to Jared’s success and what other factors allowed him to pass each section on his first try. We know Jared will be a great CPA and that many doors of opportunity will be opened to help make his personal and professional life fulfilling!

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August 2016 Student of the Month: Denye Versher

Our Student of the Month for August 2016 is Denye Versher. Denye passed all sections of the CPA Exam using Roger CPA Review and is now working on his California Ethics exam. He received his MBA degree and will continue to move up in his career as a finance and accounting professional. We know he’ll do great with his future endeavors as an official CPA!

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July 2016 Student of the Month: Robert McGrath

Our Student of the Month for July 2016 is Robert McGrath. Robert passed all sections of the CPA Exam and highly recommends Roger CPA Review. since the delivery style enabled him to really grasp the content and apply it. He now has his own practice and we wish him the best of luck in developing his business and all his endeavors as a CPA!

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