10 Summer Activities for CPA Exam Study Breaks


Ever get that “If I have to stare at this Federal Taxation section one more time, I’m going to scream” kind of feeling when you’re studying for the CPA Exam? Well, the good news is that you’re not the only one! Studying for hours at a time every day is of course necessary to pass, especially when it comes to sticking to the time frame you’ve carved out for yourself in your study planner. But the other necessary thing that’s needed to pass is to know when your brain needs that occasional break to recharge and de-clutter. And, what better way to spend your breaks than by enjoying some of that beautiful summer sun in June?

That’s why we came up with our top 10 Summer activities you can do to get away from Internal Control, Business Enterprises, and Financial Management (if only for just a little while).

1. Make popsicles. There are lots of easy DIY recipes out there that involve you getting a popsicle mold, popsicle sticks, and some of your favorite juices and fruits. Put them in the freezer while you study, and they’ll be a cool, enjoyable, and healthy treat for later.

2. Go for a swim. This is a great way to beat the heat and get some mental and bodily exercise. Find a pool near you or go for a dip at the beach!

3. Go for a hike/walk. One of the best ways to clear the mind is to move your feet. Take a walk along any of your local trails or make an afternoon out of reaching the top of a hill peak!

4. Have a picnic. Enjoy some time in the park with family and friends with a picnic. Have a BBQ, bring a Frisbee, play volleyball, or whip out the guitar for some sing-a-longs.

5. Go fishing. Bring a device with you and review some MCQs . This is a nice and relaxing way to spend hours outdoors while studying and taking breaks simultaneously.

6. Start a garden. Grow your own herbs alongside your kitchen windowsill or in your backyard. Whatever space you have, start your own garden and feel the calm digging your fingers into the soil can bring.

7. Ride a bike. If you don’t have one, look for a place that allows you to rent one for a couple of hours. Feeling the breeze as you ride around town will bring you back to your childhood and college day memories.

8. Go fruit picking. Check your area to see if there are farms or orchards where you can go cherry or strawberry picking. This is a lot of fun and you get to eat what you pick!

9. Arts and crafts. Learn a new crafting technique online. As your study advances, so will your crafting skills and before you know it, you’ll have passed the Exams and know how to crochet!

10. Take a power nap. This might just be everyone’s favorite activity. Set up a hammock outside or lay a blanket down in a park; 10-30 minute power naps are pretty effective for recharging under the summer sun.

11. Here’s a bonus activity: catch a movie outside at a drive-in, on the beach, or in a park. Even with social distancing, there are a lot of places that host an outdoor movie night projected on a big screen. Check out your local listings to see if any of your organizations are putting on these types of events. 

So the next time you find yourself needing a bit of time away from the books, try one of these activities to lighten the load and brighten the mood! Remember, you can pass the CPA Exam, but the key is to balance studying with relaxation time.

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