CPA Practice Exams – 2022

CPA Practice Exams – 2022

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As a CPA candidate, you must be prepared to invest sufficient time and effort studying for the exam. There are also plenty of additional aspects to consider before taking the exam. Being familiar with the format and functionality of the testing software is one of those additional aspects. CPA Practice Exams are your best shot to experience the test before CPA Exam Day. CPA mock exams are condensed versions of each exam section that use the same software as the testing centers. The sample test contains multiple-choice questions (MCQs), task-based simulations (TBS), and written communications tasks (WCT) similar to the actual exam.

UWorld Roger CPA Practice Exams

UWorld Roger CPA Practice Exams are an online simulation of the real CPA Exam. They follow the same 4-hour, 5-testlet structure you will encounter at the Prometric Testing Center.

Note: You will not receive a score for completing a CPA practice exam. The sample tests provide correct answers or model responses along with detailed explanations for learning purposes only.

Real CPA Exam Questions

In the simulation part of the CPA Practice Exam, you will access authoritative literature resources like state auditing standards, AICPA Professional Standards, FASB Codification, and Internal Revenue Service Codes. These resources are useful if you are stuck while answering a simulation. To better understand how this works, you can read our page on CPA sample questions with answers.

Note: Authoritative Literature is not intended to replace study materials. You use it to complete the research portion of the simulations on the exam.

Exam Structure

The Uniform CPA Exam is a four-hour long exam that consists of five testlets. Each exam has around 60-80 questions, with varying difficulty levels. The UWorld Roger CPA Practice Exam provides a similar experience as it replicates the original CPA exam structure. The CPA Exam requires concentration, endurance, and exceptional time management. The CPA sample test will help you examine your test-taking abilities under the same conditions as on the actual exam.

Section Time MCQs TBSs WC
AUD 4 hours 72 8 -
BEC 4 hours 62 4 3
FAR 4 hours 66 8 -
REG 4 hours 76 8 -

For the AUD, FAR, and REG exam sections, MCQs and TBSs each make up 50% of the exam. For the BEC exam, it’s slightly different. BEC is divided in three parts: 50% for MCQs, 35% for TBSs, and 15% for written communication.

Section MCQs TBSs WC
AUD 50% 50% -
BEC 50% 35% 15%
FAR 50% 50% -
REG 50% 50% -

Detailed Performance Metrics

After completing the CPA Practice Exams, you are provided with comprehensive analytic reports that help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in the subjects.

Same Format As Test Day

Since our mock exams are designed like the original CPA Exam, there are no surprises on exam day. This includes:

  • Countdown clock
  • Ability to flag questions within each testlet
  • Ability to go back and forth on questions within a testlet
  • Five comprehensive testlets and subject-wise MCQs and quizzes

How To Get The Most Out Of Your CPA Practice Exam?

To prepare for the CPA Exam, it is essential to take full-length mock exams prior to exam day. This is an opportunity to refine your test-taking strategy. Before you take the test, here are some tips on how to approach practice exams effectively.

Pull Your Socks Up For The Final Run

“The CPA Exam is a marathon—not a sprint.” This expression is popularly used in the CPA Exam community. Not only is it a great analogy for how you can expect to pass the CPA Exam as a whole, but it also illustrates every step of the journey, including how to approach your practice exams.

If the CPA exam is comparable to marathon training, then you must pace yourself accordingly. In marathon training, trainees increase their weekly mileage with practice runs. For the CPA Exam, you increase your knowledge base by building on what you learned the previous week. You can get help from our mock exams and short quizzes designed to reinforce those concepts. CPA mock tests are the final cumulative run in preparation for exam day.

Build A Foundation In The Material Before Taking A Practice Exam

  • Before attempting a CPA practice exam, make sure you study the course materials through quizzes and lectures first.
  • Our program offers comprehensive performance reports to help you monitor your progress.
  • We highly recommend using our patent-pending SmartPath Predictive Technology™ to ensure you’re meeting your targeted recommendations.
  • This tool helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses by providing data-supported targets.

Candidates often dive into a practice exam before thoroughly reviewing the material. This could be a four-hour waste of time! But if you use SmartPath to determine where you stand, you'll be able to accurately evaluate your progress and determine whether you're prepared to take the actual practice exam.

Use Practice Exams To Prepare For The Bigger Picture

Attaining all SmartPath objectives shows that you are almost exam-ready because you understand the topics and how they relate to real CPA Exam problems. Fantastic! Now that you are prepared to take your practice exam, it is essential to remember the following:

CPA Practice Exam Sample Questions & Answer

UWorld Roger CPA Practice Exams let you access the highest-quality CPA Exam questions and answers. It helps you master the most challenging exam topics without any difficulties. Our mock exam questions are meticulously crafted by a team of renowned educators and practicing CPAs. The format enables the candidate to comprehend why each question was answered correctly or incorrectly.

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No,Uworld Roger CPA Mock exams are made in line with the original CPA exam. Thus, the difficulty level of the questions remains more or less the same.

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