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Comprehensive Review of Part 1 and Part 2
Get complete coverage of the latest CMA exam topics for Part 1 and Part 2. Developed by our expert team of CMAs, these Study Guides are updated annually so you know exactly what to expect on your exam. Available in print and digital formats.
UWorld CMA Study Guides in print.

Your Essential Guides to CMA Exam Success

Discover easy-to-understand overviews of every Learning Outcome Statement for Part 1 and Part 2.


Align with the ICMA’s current content specification outline.


Use straightforward language to break down tough concepts.


Deliver full coverage of all CMA exam topics for Parts 1 and 2.


Available in print and digital formats for studying on the go.


Include sample problems to encourage active learning.


Written and reviewed by our in-house team of CMAs.

Prepare with Confidence

Studying with UWorld means studying with intention. We outline all CMA exam topics, Learning Outcome Statements, and question types–you focus exclusively on what you need to know for optimal performance on exam day.
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Prioritize Highly-Tested CMA Topics

Our Study Guides emphasize the most-tested topics on today’s CMA exam, so you can stay laser-focused on the content and applications you will encounter on exam day. Practice questions appear side-by-side with clear explanations to reinforce your understanding.

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Review Key Definitions and Read Data Visually

Each lesson includes an overview of what you should be able to explain or apply by its end, plus engaging charts, graphs, and outlines that get you thinking like a practicing CMA. Key terms and concise definitions keep you on task through every chapter.

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Prepare with an Integrated Learning System

We learn faster and retain more when we study information in different ways. That’s why UWorld CMA Review Study Guides align perfectly with our video lectures, comprehensive QBanks, and Mock Exams.

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Use Your Books On the Go

Get the power of your CMA Study Guides in your pocket with our fully-featured UWorld Accounting mobile app. Simply download the app, connect to the internet, log in, and begin studying on your phone or tablet.

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Frequently Asked

Yes. UWorld publishes Study Guides in print and digital formats for both part 1 and 2 of the CMA exam.
Our guides provide focus, clarity, reinforcement of challenging concepts, practice questions, and more to help candidates like you succeed on the CMA exam. With UWorld, you prioritize what you need to know to earn a passing score. You will also find tips and tricks for optimal testing performance by topic, and they flow seamlessly with our industry-leading CMA Review Courses.
Yes! If you have purchased a complete review course or a standalone CMA QBank, your Study Guide aligns by topic with both lecture videos and QBank questions.
To view your book digitally, simply log into your UWorld account on your desktop or mobile device. At this time, internet connection is required to view your study guide content in the UWorld platform.
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