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Millions of users have trusted UWorld with their high-stakes exam prep. Learn how our CPA Review Course stacks up to leading competitors.

What Makes the Best CPA Review Course?

Plain and simple, the “leading” CPA Review course is charging top dollar for insufficient materials. For decades they've been able to get away with an ineffective learning model and a lackluster program simply because they've been around the longest. But you deserve better. At UWorld Roger CPA Review, everything we do is to ensure you pass the CPA Exam with the most innovative and engaging learning techniques.

Read on for the top 5 reasons you should choose UWorld Roger CPA Review when compared to other CPA Review courses.

Compare Us to Other CPA Review Courses

Characteristics of a Top CPA Review

 #1 Major 

Quality Practice Questions

Real CPA Exam questions with powerful explanations from expert content writers

Extraordinary Instruction

Engaging and innovative instruction with a motivating, live classroom-like experience

Smart Technology

Streamlined user experience helps you study smarter with ease

Superior Support

Study Hub helps answer all your homework and practice questions

Proven Results

Unparalleled 94% success rate - If you study, you will pass!

Real Students Compare Us to Other CPA Review Courses

Quality Practice Questions

Don’t settle for subpar.

Working through high-quality practice questions is key to your success on the CPA Exam. However, the “other” course fails to use practice questions to actually teach their students, and instead provides answer explanations that are confusing and lack substance. For example, an answer explanation will merely state, “answer a is correct because b, c, and d are incorrect,” without further context or explanation. To put it bluntly, CPA candidates need more for true learning comprehension and success on the CPA Exam. And, for the time and money you are investing, you should expect more from your provider.

With UWorld, you will learn the material on a foundational level through active learning, an evidence-based study approach. It starts with our Question Bank (QBank), which features a large volume of practice questions that are designed to challenge critical thinking. Questions are paired with the most in-depth, yet concise answer explanations, that include educational illustrations, breakdowns of why each answer option is correct or incorrect, and “Things to remember” summaries of the concepts. Questions undergo a meticulous process by our team of expert accounting educators and practicing CPAs to ensure you fully understand the what, why, and how behind each question. It is the combination of these elements that ignites learning at the moment of application—so that you are learning by doing.

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The Other Review

Extraordinary Instruction

When you highlight everything, you highlight nothing.

In an online learning environment, it is especially critical for your CPA review to establish instructor presence, ensuring you are engaged and actively learning the material. With the “other” provider, students must endure hours of watching a screencast that includes a monotoned instructor (voiceover only, no video) reading the textbook out loud while dictating what to circle, highlight, and take notes on. (Insider tip: they highlight everything!) As one frustrated student said, “when you highlight everything, you highlight nothing.” This dated lecture style is proven to be ineffective. Plus, to your credit, we have faith that you can read a textbook on your own.

At UWorld, our video lectures provide everything you would want from a live-classroom experience, establishing instructor presence while meeting the needs of all learning-types. Our highly acclaimed lead instructor, Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA, integrates innovative teaching methods to break down the most difficult CPA Exam topics. Each lecture incorporates helpful memory aids and mnemonics to make the content relatable and ultimately provides you with the comprehension and retention you need for a successful exam day.

Compare CPA Exam Review Lecture Video Formats


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The Other Review

Smart Technology

Don't waste time with useless technology​.

While today's learner consumes information differently, the “other” course is still attempting to fit the antiquated linear-learning model into an online platform. This results in an ineffective and disjointed learning experience. At a glance, aspects of their program may be perceived as “high-tech,” but this is just a façade. Once you proceed past the student dashboard, you'll find they've patched on meaningless gizmos that incentivize students to complete study steps, rather than aim for proficiency in the content. It shouldn't be this difficult. As a CPA Exam candidate expected to work through mountains of information, you need a more efficient system to guide you through to the finish line.

Conversely, the UWorld Roger CPA Review platform is completely integrated for a streamlined learning experience. We value your time, and in doing so, have designed our system to ensure optimum efficiency. For example, you could be working through a difficult question and find you need further explanation. No problem! There's a link to the supporting lecture right there in the question. Want to remember something for later review? Easily transfer content directly from the question to a digital flashcard and study with adaptive, spaced repetition technology. Finally, our performance-tracking SmartPath Predictive Technology™ shows you exactly what to study, and how much, ensuring you focus your studies where it matters most.

Compare CPA Exam Review Performance Tracking


The Other Review

Superior Support

Choose a course that will never leave you hanging.

We believe anyone who wants to further their career and obtain CPA licensure should have the opportunity to do so. However, with sky-high pricing and rigid policies, the “other” course does not seem to think the same. To make matters worse, when students have invested so much in their program and suddenly find they need help, customer support is difficult to get in touch with. Overall, many students feel the company is unapproachable and more beholden to their shareholders and high-level clients than their students.

At UWorld, everything we do is for our students. We provide continuous options for candidates to enroll in our program at an attainable price or through our firm and university partnerships. When our students need help, we’re here. We have integrated feedback buttons throughout the course so that students can reach out with any concerns — spanning from content questions to guidance on how best to study. And, our Study Hub is available 24/7 with access to thousands of questions from students with advice from our CPA Exam experts.

Proven Results

So they’ve been around forever–that doesn't make them the most effective.

Sure, the “other” course has been around for a long time, and you probably have a professor or mentor that has taken their program. But, is older better? Think about it—would you rather calculate with an abacus or an Excel spreadsheet? Pay at the grocery store with a checkbook or a smartwatch? You get the point. Too often, students have followed the herd and taken the “other” course, only to find they’ve invested in a program that is outdated in its content and technology. They boast about their legacy, and yet pass rates and proof metrics are kept hidden. How do you know their program really works? This is a big investment of your time and money; you have the right to ask for proof of efficacy and not just "take their word for it.”

At UWorld, we have invested millions of dollars in the innovation and implementation of new technologies, teaching methods, and quality content to meet the needs of today’s learners. We furthermore partner with the profession’s top accounting firms, universities, and professional organizations to help the next generation of accountants reach their professional goals. The verdict? It’s working! On the CPA Exam alone, 94% of our students pass. Join the over 2 million professionals in accounting, medicine, law, finance and more who have prepared for their high-stakes exams with UWorld.

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