What Is the Best CPA Review Course in 2023 – 2024?

Choosing the best CPA review course is one of the most important decisions you will make on your journey to becoming a CPA. Making the right decision can effectively reduce your exam stress, save you hours of study time, and—most importantly—increase your chance of passing the CPA Exam. Read through the in-depth comparison below to choose the best course for you among top ranked CPA review courses.

2023 – 2024 CPA Review Course Comparison

When conducting a CPA exam review comparison, you must consider cost, individual learning approach, quality of study materials, and more. We have investigated how UWorld Roger CPA Review stacks up against other review courses to save you time.

This comprehensive analysis has researched the following CPA provider comparisons:

What Makes the Best CPA Review Course?

Your CPA Review course should be comprehensive enough that you are set up for success on exam day. Unfortunately, many top ranked CPA review courses charge exorbitant amounts of money and waste your time with insufficient or excessive course materials.

At UWorld Roger CPA Review, we care deeply about your CPA journey and want to help you get there as quickly as possible. Our mission is to bring you engaging and innovative learning solutions to help you reach your CPA goals.

UWorld vs Others

What you need from a high-quality CPA review program:

Other Providers (Becker, Surgent, Gleim)

UWorld Favicon

Quality Practice Questions

Real AICPA CPA Exam questions with powerful answer explanations from accounting educators and CPAs

Extraordinary Instruction

Engaging and innovative instruction with a motivating, live classroom-like experience

Streamlined Textbooks

Succinct textbooks provide just what you need to pass, nothing more, nothing less

Smart Technology

Innovative technology that helps you study smarter and pass the CPA Exam faster

Innovative Learning Tools

Create digital flashcards with ease or organize notes with My Notebook

Mobile App

Study MCQs or TBSs, listen to audio lectures and study on-the-go

Superior Support

CPA Exam Success Coaches dedicated to helping you pass the first time

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Affordable payment options for today’s candidate

Proven Results

Unparalleled 94% success rate and trusted by the top firms and universities

Real Students Compare UWorld Vs. Other CPA Review Courses

I passed AUD all thanks to UWorld Roger CPA Review!! I failed with Becker and I hated audit. But Roger made auditing so easy to understand, he was really funny to help me stay alert during the videos and also motivated me. He is hands down the best for AUD!” 
Mrinal C.

Comprehensive Practice Questions

Quality vs. Quantity

What is the best way to pass the CPA Exam? The short answer is to practice by completing Multiple Choice Questions and Task-based Simulations. However, let us take a closer look at how to practice these types of questions effectively. 

UWorld provides the most dynamic lectures and streamlined textbooks to CPA candidates, but these tools aren’t enough to pass the first time. Students only retain about 30% of the information needed to fully comprehend the material with these methods.

In contrast, our “learn by doing” methodology, known as active learning, enables students to learn and retain more than 70% of the information needed to pass the CPA Exam. This evidence-based technique is achieved by delivering the correct quantity of questions with the highest quality.

  • Quantity of questions: There is an optimal number of questions to practice before you have diminishing returns in your studying. At UWorld, we have found that practicing from 6,000-7,000 CPA questions is ideal for obtaining the right exposure to the most highly-tested CPA Exam concepts.
  • Quality of questions: We believe this is the most critical aspect of the best CPA Review courses. If you do not understand the why behind your correct or incorrect questions answered, you could do 10,000 questions and still not pass the CPA Exam.

Difficulty At or Above Exam Level

On the CPA Exam, the AICPA typically includes one or two answer options meant to distract you from the right answer. Getting these questions right can be tricky if you don’t have the right practice materials! At UWorld, our dedicated team of experts invests thousands of hours in developing statistically-valid, high-quality questions that mimic what students will see on exam day.

Content Always Up-To-Date

It is difficult for other CPA review providers to keep up with annual content changes. If you are conducting your CPA review course comparison based upon the sheer number of questions they have, you may not be getting the quality questions you need.

Compare Answer Explanations

In the UWorld Roger CPA Review program, you will immediately see that our team of experts put their hearts into developing quality questions and answers that are second-to-none. Questions are paired with in-depth yet concise answer explanations that include educational illustrations, breakdowns of why each answer option is correct or incorrect, and “Things to remember” summaries of each concept. They ensure the what, why, and how behind each question is directly aligned to something you will need to know on the CPA Exam.


Other (Becker, Surgent, Gleim)

Extraordinary Instruction

Engaging and motivating live classroom-like experience. 

Research demonstrates that students who are more actively engaged while learning experience better focus and comprehension. There is an element of artistry in how effective teachers connect with students in an online environment that fosters increased understanding. Roger Phillip, CPA, CGMA, is one of those masterful instructors who can connect with CPA candidates. His dynamic energy, clever mnemonics, and signature way of bringing concepts to life continue to be one of our students’ favorite aspects of our CPA review program and a standout feature in CPA review materials comparisons. 

Compare CPA Exam Review Lecture Video Formats

Instructors from other review courses read the textbooks aloud while dictating what to circle, highlight, and take notes on. As one frustrated student said to us, “When you highlight everything, you highlight nothing.” This lecture style is ineffective and leaves CPA students without critical context and knowledge of exam material.

best CPA review lectures example
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Other (Becker, Surgent, Gleim)

Streamlined Textbooks

The CPA Exam focuses on high-frequency accounting topics, while 10% of the exam tests new or experimental topics. The remainder of the exam stays in line with 80% of the information presented on the AICPA Blueprints. The best CPA review course will cover the right CPA blueprint material extensively so you don’t have to focus on subjects not covered frequently. Why does this matter? Because trying to learn everything, including information that might or might not be tested, is exhausting and ineffective.

At UWorld, our textbooks map directly to the AICPA blueprints. They are structured to provide CPA candidates with precisely what they need to pass the CPA Exam without excessive or unnecessary information. Our textbooks work with our video lectures and question banks for a streamlined learning experience.

In comparison, it is clear that other CPA review courses do not give the same attention to detail when preparing their CPA Exam study materials. Even the leading contender, Becker, includes extraneous information that has either never been tested, tested minimally, or held over from out-of-date exams to inflate their question count.

Student-Friendly Tools & Features

UWorld Roger CPA Review textbooks provide students with optimum flexibility. Students of other courses, including Becker, find the experience frustrating and restrictive. For example, within the Becker digital textbook, you must first endure a tedious lecture if you want to move on to the next page.

Additional UWorld Course Textbook Features:

  • Digital textbooks are easy to navigate.
  • Intuitively search CPA Exam topics within the textbook
  • Practice questions while reading a textbook chapter or watching a video, allowing you to learn-by-doing
  • Highlight and save concepts for later review
  • Create digital flashcards for later review, and save notes in the My Notebook feature with
    a click of a button
best cpa review course textbooks

Smart Technology

Innovative technology that helps you study smarter and pass the CPA Exam faster. 

Every CPA Review program uses different types of technology. For an effective outcome, technology innovations require a deep understanding of what students really need to learn and retain information. 

Becker, for example, uses AdaptU Technology built by Sana Labs. It looks like a complex technological platform, but any CPA Review provider can implement this plugin by paying Sana Labs a small royalty. Sana Labs approached UWorld, and our team spent a fair amount of time evaluating their technology, digging beyond their platform design. Ultimately, we decided not to use the plugin and create a better system for our students, our Smartpath Predictive Technology.

Surgent uses ASAP Technology®, claiming that their “technology learns about you to build a custom study plan that meets you where you are.” While this technology sounds great in theory, it is unclear how it will benefit the user. ASAP Technology assesses your knowledge gaps once you have answered a few multiple-choice questions and generates a static study plan. It doesn’t dynamically adjust or adapt as students progress.

For example, Task-Based Simulations are a significant percentage of a CPA candidate’s exam score, and are excluded from diagnostic assessments. As the CPA Exam covers such a vast array of subjects, you cannot build a comprehensive plan based on a small, static pretest because you may miss important data.

By contrast, UWorld Roger CPA Review’s SmartPath Predictive Technology™ is simple yet highly effective. SmartPath helps candidates focus on their studies where it matters most – what is tested on the CPA Exam. Based on actual exam topic weightage, Smartpath guides you to complete a certain number of questions to ensure you are prepared for the most highly tested CPA Exam content. For example, if a topic is rarely tested on the CPA Exam, Smartpath will suggest that you complete fewer questions to save time. For more frequently tested subjects, Smartpath guides you towards completing more questions so you can reach a point of mastery. 

Smartpath technology was built in-house and uses exam patterns and pass rate data that we have collected from actual students. We adjust our data-supported targets every time exam content changes. If you achieve SmartPath targets, there is a >90% probability that you will pass the CPA Exam. These targets are realistic and not difficult to achieve.

Want to pass the CPA Exam faster?
Study smarter, not harder with SmartPath Predictive Technology™.

Technology Is a Big Part of the UWorld Difference

Roger CPA Review was acquired by UWorld, whose proprietary online learning software is used by physicians, nurses, pharmacists, lawyers, and finance professionals. The entire UWorld business model is designed to prepare students for success on high-stakes exams. UWorld has 100+ world-class software engineers onsite full time whose sole focus is building and supporting our digital learning platform. Moreover, since we have always been about online learning, we do not have to waste time incorporating legacy materials or outsourced technology. We can focus on providing a modern, up-to-date online learning environment. In our CPA Review course comparison, none of the other review programs have this technology, talent, or resources.

Compare CPA Exam Review Performance Tracking


Other (Becker, Surgent, Gleim)

Evidence-Based Learning Tools

Create digital flashcards with ease or organize notes with My Notebook 

UWorld Roger CPA Review offers two evidence-based study tools that are being used widely by students in our other exam prep verticals, including: 

  • Flashcards with Spaced-Repetition Technology
  • The My Notebook feature


Most CPA review courses have pre-built flashcards within their course, including UWorld. However, in reality, students generally already know at least 30 to 40% of the information presented on the flashcards. Passively reviewing flashcards does not always help students retain complex concepts. Therefore, we provide students the ability to create customized flashcards directly from our software while working through lectures, textbooks, or questions. This act supports our “learn by doing” methodology, as the very act of creating flashcards ignites learning and retention. With the click of a button, you can easily create flashcards using the content included in UWorld’s signature answer explanations. Additionally, the cards can be shown at strategically-timed intervals with spaced-repetition technology to increase recall.

best cpa review flashcards

My Notebook

The CPA Exam tests an abundance of accounting, audit and tax content, requiring CPA candidates to memorize a hefty amount of information. In the final days before the exam, it is critical to have a high-level overview of essential topics, calculations, and formulas to review in one convenient area. With UWorld Roger CPA Review, CPA candidates can intuitively create their notes directly from question explanations, textbooks, and videos. Their notes are then easily accessible within the My Notebook feature. Pair this feature with the spaced-repetition technology embedded in our flashcard applications to amplify retention on exam day.

best cpa review notebook feature

Study Anywhere with Mobile App

Study MCQs or TBSs, listen to audio lectures, and study on the go. 

While every CPA Review Course provides mobile apps in their course, not every mobile app is the same. Feature sets to consider when comparing CPA review course mobile apps: 

  • Can you do everything you can on a desktop on the mobile platform?
  • Does the mobile app sync with the desktop version of your course?
  • Is the mobile app updated regularly as iOS or Android versions change?

Most mobile apps have limited functionality because they require a skilled product team to build a proficient mobile version that replicates the desktop experience. Task-based simulations are complicated to replicate on a mobile device. As you work through your CPA review course, transitioning between your mobile and desktop versions should be seamless; your data should sync properly, and you should easily pick up where you left off on your last practice test or lecture. As you know, mobile platforms are updated regularly, and companies need a team to update these as soon as possible, otherwise, mobile apps can crash. Small CPA review companies simply do not have the capabilities to maintain their mobile apps. Thankfully, UWorld Roger CPA Review employs a large product team to support our mobile app to ensure our students’ highest quality CPA review experience.

The UWorld Roger CPA Review app is great because it is very similarly designed to what the online portal is

Superior Support

CPA Exam Success Coaches dedicated to helping you pass the first time. 

The CPA Exam is hard, and you’ll no doubt need support along the way. With most CPA review courses, customer support teams are difficult to reach. At UWorld, everything we do is for our students, including helping our students through our customer support team. 

Our customer support includes:

  • Integrated support buttons to capture immediate feedback on anything from questions about learning materials to guidance on how best to study.
  • A Study Hub that is available 24/7 with access to thousands of questions from students with advice from our CPA Exam experts.
  • CPA Exam Success Coaches are a phone call away to guide students through the CPA Exam planning and preparation process.
best CPA review customer servic


Affordable payment options for today’s CPA candidate 

You might wonder why UWorld Roger CPA Review is less expensive than Becker despite the increased quality. The answer is simple: UWorld does not just serve CPA candidates, but also candidates for other high-stakes exams, including medical, nursing, finance, legal, and college prep. This helps us to save costs on technology, editorial teams, customer care teams, and human resource services. We pass these cost savings directly to you. 

We believe anyone who wants to further their career and obtain CPA licensure should have the opportunity to do so, without pricing as an issue. For this reason, we provide multiple options for candidates to enroll through firm and university partnerships. If a partnership doesn’t already exist, students can bill their firm, and our representatives will get in touch with their employer. 

Need to break down your payment over 3, 6, or 12 months? No problem—we offer fuss-free and transparent financing with Affirm. Additionally, students can enroll in our biannual scholarship program for the ability to earn a free 4-part Elite-Unlimited Course. UWorld, as a whole, proudly awards over $3.4 Million in course scholarships annually. 

Proven Results

Unparalleled 94% Success Rate

Courses like Becker and Surgent CPA Review have been around for a long time, and you may have had a professor or mentor who has taken their programs before. However, the CPA exam and what we know about learning has evolved over the years, and it’s imperative that your CPA Review program evolve with those changes.

At UWorld, we have invested millions of dollars in the innovation and implementation of new technologies, teaching methods, and quality content to meet the needs of today’s learners. We partner with the profession’s top accounting firms, universities, and professional organizations to help the next generation of accountants reach their professional goals. The verdict? It’s working! On the CPA Exam alone, 94% of our students pass. Join the over 2 million professionals in accounting, medicine, law, finance, and more who have prepared for their high-stakes exams with UWorld.

Reach your goals with the course that’s raising the bar in CPA Exam preparation.
UWorld Roger CPA Review mobile app displaying sample problem and rationale


UWorld Roger CPA Review students have a pass rate of 94%. Our students achieve significantly higher pass rates than the overall national CPA Exam average. Below is a breakdown of how UWorld Roger CPA Review students compare to CPA candidates on an annual basis.

CPA ExamAICPA Cumulative Pass Rate*UWorld Roger CPA Cumulative Pass Rate

*2020 AICPA cumulative pass rate.

UWorld Roger CPA Review believes the U.S. CPA Exam should be accessible to all. Therefore, UWorld provides the best experience for international students with an exceptional customer service team. Additionally, study tools like closed captioning are ideal for students whose first language is not English.

UWorld Roger CPA is the only CPA Review Course tailored to any type of learner. The instructions and materials break down even the most difficult CPA Exam concepts so that anyone can understand — whether you’re fresh out of college or a few years into the profession.

UWorld Roger CPA features the most innovative study tools. With audio lectures, students can listen on-the-go. Exceptional video content allows learners to grasp even the most complex exam topics. Tables and graphics in all answer explanations help. Digital materials sync across devices so students can study efficiently.

When you are working full-time, you have limited time. So it would help if you were efficient with your study plan. There is no need to memorize 10,000 questions to pass. You can choose which subjects need more time and which only need a little attention. UWorld Roger’s built-in smart path technology guides you to plan your studies according to importance. Also, if you rely on the UWorld QBank and pass your mock exams, you may not even need to spend so much time on textbooks or watch videos.

UWorld Roger CPA students who use SmartPath Predictive Technology™ have an overall pass rate of 94%. SmartPath™ is a data-driven platform that provides targeted recommendations on how to focus your efforts by comparing your progress and performance to those that have passed the CPA Exam.

Yes. While students consider both Becker and Roger to be best rated CPA courses in their individually conducted CPA review course comparisons, students are turning to UWorld Roger CPA as a superior option that better represents accounting today. UWorld Roger CPA provides top-quality materials, unparalleled instruction, and innovative learning tools that Becker is unable to replicate. The pace of change in the accounting profession is accelerating more rapidly than ever before. It’s true, Becker has been around for 60 years, but why risk studying with materials that reflect the profession of the past?

Yes. Surgent’s CPA review rankings confirm that it has an 89.7% pass rate, while UWorld Roger CPA’s students pass at a rate of 94%.

Yes. UWorld Roger CPA is people’s choice over Gleim. We studied the elements that are critical for the CPA Exam, and agree that UWorld provides the optimal program for CPA Exam success with top-quality MCQs and TBSs, engaging lectures, and innovative learning tools.


See why 94% pass! Our world-class CPA Review provides you with everything you need to succeed in your exams.
Read stories of how other CPA Review students have achieved their career goals with the help of industry-leading CPA courses.
We partner with Universities, Firms, and State Societies to give their students and accountants the best CPA courses available.
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