SmartPath Predictive Technology™
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UWorld Roger CPA SmartPath Predictive Technology™ is a CPA Exam adaptive tool that provides targeted recommendations on how to focus your study efforts. This data-supported platform compares your progress and performance to that of previous students who have passed the CPA Exam. Students who meet all SmartPath™ targets have a 94% pass rate!

How Does SmartPath Work?

SmartPath Predictive Technology takes the guesswork out of CPA Exam preparation and builds confidence by guiding you on a clear path to success.

Tracks Your Progress to Targeted Goals

SmartPath provides data-supported targets based on the performance of successful CPA Exam candidates. Targets help you easily and quickly gauge your preparedness for exam day so that you can focus your study efforts.

CPA Review Course Progress against Goal

Maximizes study time by guiding you to the right questions

While most CPA review courses focus on having the most questions, the data shows that this is not the most effective approach. SmartPath mines user data to guide CPA candidates on where and how to spend their efforts. The ultimate results are more efficient study sessions and less wasted time.

Build confidence knowing you're following a clear path to success

SmartPath uses CPA Exam adaptive technology to provide a personalized learning experience tailored to your individual progress and performance. As you go through the material, it guides you on a clear path to success, taking the guesswork out of CPA Exam preparation.

CPA Review Course Success Path

SmartPath + Active Learning

UWorld students build their knowledge through active learning–a proven technique that engages them in the learning process and results in concept mastery. SmartPath is an important aspect of this process, as it provides tools for students to make informed decisions and take control of their own study journey.

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Here’s what our students are saying about SmartPath and how this tool tailors to their individual needs:

Frequently Asked Questions

Students who use SmartPath Predictive Technology to prepare for the CPA Exam, and meet all of the platform’s progress and comprehension targets, have a 94% pass rate. We calculate this data by matching students’ target proficiency with their self-reported CPA Exam scores. Every quarter, we actively work with our students and ask them to provide their CPA Exam results to us.

The SmartPath tool analyzes data patterns so that past student behavior can forecast the likelihood of passing the CPA Exam. Using this proven methodology, we mined our proprietary data and discovered that there are specific behavioral trends of students who have successfully passed the CPA Exam. These results point to a success criterion that, if followed, should improve your chances of passing the first time.

Data suggests there is a minimum number of questions students should work through and a certain level of performance achieved on those questions to increase the likelihood of passing. We use these benchmarks to provide students with data-supported study plans.

When comparing the technology utilized by various CPA review courses, no other provider has the experience and resources to develop and maintain cutting-edge programs at the same level as UWorld. Other courses use CPA Exam adaptive technology to provide students with customized study plans based on their diagnostic performance. These study plans then adapt as the student progresses, which only considers the performance of the end-user.

Customers have raised concerns about the effectiveness of these study plans, claiming that the recommended study hours exceed estimated study times. This is due to the technology failing to account for time spent studying lectures, videos, and texts. UWorld’s SmartPath technology avoids setting unrealistic timelines, and instead helps students pass faster by focusing their efforts where it matters most.

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