2024 Live CPA Boot Camps

Interact with leading CPA Exam instructors from the comfort of your home with UWorld's CPA Boot Camps. Join our experts as they lead live, online sessions for each core section of the CPA Exam (AUD, FAR, REG).
Master the CPA Exam with UWorld's Live CPA Boot Camps.

What Are UWorld’s Live CPA Boot Camps?

The 2024 CPA Exam is well underway and we have an exciting new feature to get you ready for your core CPA Exams! Our exclusive Live CPA Boot Camps are interactive, online classes presented by CPA instructors who specialize in each core section of the CPA Exam. Gain clarity on the most frequently tested areas, and learn how to tackle challenging MCQs and TBSs.

The best part: CPA Boot Camps are included in your course (no additional fee).*

Enroll in an individual exam section or the entire program where instructors will address your most important questions about each core section:

  • How long should I expect to study?
  • Where should I focus my time?
  • What areas are the most heavily tested?
  • How do I solve the most challenging MCQs and TBSs?

*Included in UWorld CPA Elite Unlimited and UWorld CPA Elite Unlimited+ course packages. If you purchased another package and would like to upgrade, please contact us.

Upcoming Live CPA Boot Camp Sessions

Each core section (AUD, FAR, REG) boasts two 2-hour evening sessions, conveniently scheduled on weeknights. Maximize your time without disrupting your workday.

CPA Exam Section Sessions Date Time Instructor
AUD Session 1 Jul 08, 2024 8 - 10 pm ET Yamamura
Session 2 Jul 15, 2024 8 - 10 pm ET Yamamura
FAR Session 1 Jul 16, 2024 8 - 10 pm ET Olinto
Session 2 Jul 23, 2024 8 - 10 pm ET Olinto
REG Session 1 Jul 17, 2024 8 - 10 pm ET Carnes and Youngberg
Session 2 Jul 24, 2024 8 - 10 pm ET Carnes and Youngberg

Boot Camp sessions 1 and 2 cover unique content on heavily tested topics to prepare you for exam day, including:

  • AUD will cover audit planning, internal controls, RMM, and other topics.
  • FAR will include consolidated financial statements, the statement of cash flows, earnings per share, and more.
  • REG will look at basis of assets & cost recovery, loss limitations, gross income for individuals, and other related topics.

All sessions will be recorded and posted in your course. If you can’t attend a session or would like to rewatch specific classes, your recordings are just a click away.

Registering for Live CPA Boot Camps

Once you have purchased your course, log in and navigate to “Events.” From here, you can register for a single session or all sessions and simply click to attend.

Ready to attend Live Boot Camps?
Live Boot Camps are included in our popular Elite Unlimited and Elite Unlimited+ packages. Not sold separately.

What Our Students Think About UWorld CPA Review

At UWorld, we are proud to have played a role in the success stories of countless students on their CPA Exam journeys. Here are just a few examples of students who achieved remarkable results with our course:

Frequently Asked

Our CPA Boot Camps are live, online classes led by CPA instructors via the Zoom platform. Classes are designed to complement and boost your command of the UWorld CPA learning materials and get you ready for exam day. To participate, students must purchase the UWorld CPA Elite Unlimited Course.

To register for an upcoming session, log in to your course, navigate to “Events”, and RSVP to a specific event. Then click to attend from within your course 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Be sure to have your UWorld course handy during the boot camp sessions as your instructor will be referencing the materials.

Live CPA Boot Camps are available for the core sections of the CPA Exam, including AUD, REG, and FAR. Boot Camps for the discipline sections will be added at a future date.

UWorld boasts a team of specialized instructors who will guide you through each section of the CPA Exam. Instructors are subject-matter experts in the core sections.

  • AUD Instructor: Jeanne Yamamura, CPA, MIM, Ph.D.
  • FAR Instructor: Peter Olinto, CFA, JD, CPA (inactive)
  • REG Instructors: Gregory Carnes, Ph.D., CPA and Suzanne Youngberg, CPA, MST

Yes! All sessions will be recorded and posted in your course. If you’re unable to attend or just want to go back and watch specific sessions again, recordings are only a click away.

Recordings will be available to all UWorld CPA Elite Unlimited Course students.

Live Boot Camps are included in the UWorld CPA Elite Unlimited Course. They are not sold separately or as a stand-alone product.

To register for an upcoming event:

  • Log in to your course
  • Select “Events” in the navigation bar.
  • Choose your desired session(s) and select “RSVP.”
  • You will receive an email with the Zoom link to attend the live sessions.
  • At the designated start time, click the link in the email or from within your course.

Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before the designated start time to ensure you are ready to participate. Bring your questions and be prepared to interact with your instructor.

Each core section (AUD, FAR, REG) will have two 2-hour evening sessions, conveniently scheduled on weeknights, on a quarterly basis. Future dates will be announced on this page.

Recordings will be made available after the live sessions and may be watched at any time from within your course.

Yes! Sessions are hosted on the Zoom platform and may be accessed from a desktop or mobile device. A reliable internet connection and the Zoom app are required to attend.
Not the same but very similar! UWorld acquired Wiley Efficient Learning in 2023 and all customers with active Efficient Learning CPA courses have been migrated to UWorld’s 2024 materials.
Yes! If you previously purchased a Wiley CPA Review Course that included the Virtual Classroom Series, you will automatically receive access to UWorld CPA Boot Camps. Please contact us if you need support or have questions.
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