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Study the most relevant CPA topics for your exam. Our textbooks, available in print and digital, have been fully updated to cover every objective in the 2024 CPA Exam Blueprints.
UWorld CPA Print Textbooks

Prepare for the CPA Exam with UWorld CPA Study Guides

Meticulously designed by expert CPAs for a seamless and comprehensive self-study journey.


Study up-to-date CPA topics and stay current with 2024 CPA Exam changes.


Clarifies demanding topics and difficult concepts.


Covers every objective of the AICPA blueprint. Integrated with QBank and video lectures.

Mobile Access

Carry your digital books in your pocket with our fully-featured mobile app.


Provides example problems to assess your understanding.


Written by our in-house team of accomplished educators.

Master the AICPA Blueprint Content

We comb through every topic and every detail. When you’re done you’ll be confident that your knowledge and familiarity with the curriculum is total.

Content Updated in Real Time

Log in with confidence knowing your textbook aligns with the AICPA Blueprint and is automatically updated with the most up-to-date content you’ll encounter on exam day.

Content Updated in
Real Time

UWorld Roger CPA Review in eBook format

Master Every Detail of the AICPA Blueprint

Master Every Detail of the AICPA Blueprint

Our Study Guide takes you on a laser-focused journey through the AICPA Blueprint, covering each Learning Objective (LO) with precision.

Learn to Read Content Visually

Become fluent in reading the charts, graphs, and diagrams you’ll confront on the CPA Exam.

Learn to Read Content Visually

Bell curve demonstrating significance and confidence levels.

Prepare with a Integrated Learning System

Access your digital CPA study guide anytime, anywhere with the UWorld Finance mobile app.

Prepare with a Integrated Learning System

We learn faster and retain more when we study information in different ways. That’s why we’ve designed the eTextBooks to work together with our video lectures, Qbank, and practice exams. Customize your study experience with highlighting and note taking features available in your digital textbook.

Aligned with Engaging Video Lectures

Access your digital textbooks alongside companion video lectures to bring challenging concepts to life. Not interested in the videos? Read the CPA textbooks on their own, either directly within the platform or in print.

Aligned with Engaging Video Lectures

*Lectures/Video Lessons are part of the full review courses only

Purchase 2024 CPA Study Guides

All CPA Study Guides are included in UWorld’s CPA review course packages or may be purchased separately as a stand-alone product below.

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Print + eBook*

*eBook (digital) access is provided for 6 months for single part purchases and 18 months for 4-part bundle purchases.

CPA Study Guides for Every Exam Section

Whether you’re preparing for your first exam, your final exam, or somewhere in between, UWorld CPA Review Study Guides will help pave your way to success. Each section’s textbook, available in print and digital, ensures you get full coverage of all the topics laid out in the AICPA Blueprints.

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Frequently Asked

Yes. UWorld CPA prep books are updated regularly to align with the most recent AICPA Blueprints. The print textbooks are published yearly with digital updates made if necessary to align with mid-year exam changes.
Yes. The UWorld CPA Review course experience is designed with complete integration in mind. When viewing the full course, you can see which practice problems are associated with each textbook section. Similarly, most QBank answer explanations contain a link to the chapter and section each question is about.
Yes. The UWorld CPA Review course is an integrated system in which all learning materials work together. Each video lecture is tagged to and delivered side-by-side with the respective textbook chapter for streamlined learning.
Access to the eBook (digital) version of the Study Guides is provided for 180 days for single part purchases and 540 days for 4-part bundle purchases.
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