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CPA Review Updated for July 2021 Exam Changes

QBank Answer Explanations

The Most In-Depth Answer Explanations

UWorld Roger CPA Review’s all-new QBank is proven to help you learn the material on a deeper level with the integration of active learning. Active learning centers around the principle that students learn by doing. Our industry experts and educators teach through the answers with clear, concise explanations to ensure you fully understand each answer choice.

Each answer explanation is meticulously designed to challenge critical thinking skills and includes a vivid illustration that summarizes the concept being tested to support visual learning and help retention (did you know 65% of the population are visual learners?). Following each visual is a thorough written breakdown of why each answer is correct or incorrect and ends with a highlight of important takeaways.

quotesThe online practice questions make this the most complete and well thought out review course on the market."
  — Eric J.

Highest Quality Content

Mapped to AICPA Blueprints and Always Up-to-Date

Our Question Bank (QBank) features a large volume of high-quality CPA Exam multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations that map to the AICPA Blueprints and are always up-to-date, so you’ll have no surprises on exam day. From these questions, you can create unlimited custom quizzes and full-length practice exams that mirror the CPA Exam interface.

quotesThe multiple choice and task based simulations mirrored exactly what's on the actual exams."   — Adam W.

2023 Digital & Physical Textbooks

Printed CPA Review Course Textbooks and Digital eTextbooks

All course packages include our 2023 eTextbooks, and the Elite-Unlimited course package includes physical course textbooks as well. eTextbooks are delivered side-by-side with video lectures and provide helpful features such as easy search, highlighting, and note-taking. Printed textbooks include the same succinct and streamlined content as eTextbooks and are perfect for kinesthetic learners who prefer a physical textbook. Both textbook formats are updated frequently to ensure you’re studying with the most up-to-date and accurate material.

quotesI found the textbooks to have the perfect amount of detail. Reading through them after the video lectures is where a lot of the real learning happens."
  — Joshua B.

CPA Exam Study Materials - Textbooks - AUD BEC FAR REG

Engaging and Effective Lectures

Most Recognized & Highest-Rated Lecture Videos

Get the motivation you need to pass with the most engaging and effective lectures from the profession’s highest-rated accounting instructor, Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA. Video lectures are taught through short, succinct sessions and incorporate innovative teaching techniques to break down difficult concepts, promote active learning and stimulate higher-order thinking. Roger incorporates sample scenarios and anecdotal stories so that you can apply the concepts you learn to real-life situations, providing you with the comprehension you need.

quotesI loved everything about this course. I wanted a review course that provided engaging lecture videos, rather than a course where I stare at a slide while someone lectures. Roger is AMAZING. He is always energetic and adds humor to subjects that are dry. He had me laughing out loud at times!"
  — UWorld Roger CPA Review Student

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Memory Aids and Mnemonics

Easy Recall and Memory Triggers for Exam Day

Each course topic includes effective memory aids and mnemonic devices to make the content memorable. Whether it’s a clever song, rhyme, or acronym, these proven memory techniques will help you commit information to long-term memory and retrieve that information on exam day.

quotesI have to give it to Roger, his mnemonics were amazing. They do help tremendously. I recall from college courses that repetition and practice are key to studying. Constantly being reminded of the mnemonics made them easy to remember and that he constantly reviews them in the videos helps students know where and what he was referring to at any given point."
  — Richard L.

Live-Classroom Experience

The Online Classroom for All Learning Styles

Research has long pointed to engagement as a key predictor of student success. Fortunately, our video lectures provide everything you would want from a live-classroom experience, meeting the needs of all learning-types. For visual and auditory learners, lectures establish instructor presence, helping students feel connected and engaged as Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA dynamically teaches through the material and breaks down important topics on a whiteboard.

For students who learn best by reading or writing, our lectures are also delivered adjacent to our eTextbooks and provide note-taking capabilities directly within the platform. Simply put, you will feel connected, engaged, and motivated throughout your study experience.

quotesThis is what UWorld Roger CPA Review is known for. Roger is smart, insightful, witty, funny, and makes learning an engaging process. Not once did I feel bored even though there were numerous dry areas."
  — Muizz M.

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Smartpath Predictive Technology™

Robust Performance Tracking & Reports

Improve learning outcomes and transform your study experience with our smart technology. Our renowned SmartPath Predictive Technology™ uses adaptive technology to provide data-supported targets based on the progress and performance of previous successful students, ensuring you focus your studies where it matters most. SmartPath tracks progress towards targeted goals, guides you to the right questions, and builds confidence in knowing you are following a clear path to success.

quotesThe SmartPath tool allowed me to gauge where I was at with certain topics so that I could review and take more questions in areas where I was weak, and not waste time on areas where I was strong."
  — Tanner M.

Spaced Repetition Technology New!

Research-Supported Study Method

Solidify difficult topics with spaced repetition technology, an evidence-based learning technique to help students study smarter and retain more information. Integrated within the Digital Flashcards study tool, Spaced Repetition Technology presents cards you’ve marked as difficult more frequently, and cards you’ve marked as easy less frequently. The spacing of how and when the flashcards are introduced has been proven to increase retention and strengthen memory recall.

quotesThe biggest realization of how effective UWorld Roger CPA Review is in preparing you for the CPA Exam came while taking the exam itself."
  — Reijun T.

Integrated Interface

All Our Tools, Exactly Where You Want Them

We value your time, and in doing so, have designed our system to ensure a streamlined learning experience with a completely integrated platform. For example, you could be working through a difficult question and find you need further explanation. No problem! There’s a link to the supporting lecture right there in the question. Want to remember something for later review? Easily transfer content directly from the question to a digital flashcard. These are just a few ways we make it easy to navigate to and access the right tools you need at the right time.

quotesI tested out a lot of review courses, and UWorld Roger CPA Review stood out for its simplicity and usability."
  — Josh B.

Fully-featured Mobile App

Comprehensive App that Syncs Across Devices

Our mobile app is your all-access pass to our signature technology, audio lectures, downloadable offline lectures, multiple-choice questions, task-based simulations, and more. The app seamlessly syncs with the desktop version of your course, allowing you to easily continue your studies from one device to the next, including Apple, Android, and Amazon devices. Pass faster and maximize your study time with convenient, on-the-go access to your entire CPA review course right in the palm of your hand.

quotesI love the technology of this product. I was able to watch videos online and offline. There are also audio lectures, and I listened while I took walks or drove in my car. There are practice questions on the app. It is extremely convenient and easy to work studying into a very busy schedule."
 — Karla M.

4-Part Cram Course

An Elite-Unlimited Exclusive Final Review

Cram Courses are condensed versions of our full CPA Review Courses designed to refresh your understanding of the most heavily-tested CPA exam topics. Used as a final review, this is a great way to boost your confidence before test day. Reinforce your learning and get the motivation you need to pass the CPA Exam!

quotesThe Cram Course was a perfect refresher for me. It helped keep me motivated with my studies. I'm so glad I did it."
  — Maria M.

CPA Exam Simulator

The Full Exam-Day Experience

Our CPA Exam prep courses come complete with full-length practice CPA Exams that replicate the exact exam interface. CPA Practice Exams are an online simulation of the real CPA Exam with real CPA Exam questions that follow the same 4-hour, 5-testlet structure that you will encounter at the Prometric Testing Center.

You will be able to practice with multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations to help identify any final problem areas in the material. This is your opportunity to refine your time management and overall test-taking strategy. Upon completion, review our robust performance metrics to assess your strengths and weaknesses.

quotesWhen I took my first exam, I felt like I had already practiced using the same software. The interface was dead-on and the exam simulator was a perfect tool."
  — UWorld CPA Review Student

Customizable Quizzes

Focused Practice to Study Your Way

Take full control of how you study CPA Exam concepts by creating your own custom quizzes. Choose between multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations, length of quiz, how many questions you want to include, and whether or not you want the quiz to be timed or untimed.

Tailor your quizzes by filtering previously missed questions, bookmarked questions, or new questions you’ve never seen before. Unable to finish? Save your quiz to reference at a later date and time that is more convenient for you.

New! You can now customize your quizzes on a more focused level, allowing you to test yourself on specific topic segments. This is a great way to save time and focus on the new and updated technology-focused topics that will be emphasized with the July exam changes.

quotesI was able to identify weak areas and take shorter, more focused quizzes that helped me tackle weak areas. I passed all four of my exams in 6 months while working full time."
  — Courtney H.

Customizable Digital Flashcards

Best On-The-Go Review Tool

Master the most heavily-tested CPA Exam topics with our cutting-edge Digital Flashcards. While studying, easily transfer content from your course interface–such as keywords, diagrams or mnemonics–onto a new or existing flashcard in mere seconds. If you’re a student of our Elite-Unlimited course, you will also have access to our “Expert Decks”, which include over 200 pre-curated terms, mnemonics, and summaries.

In “Study” mode you can practice your flashcards using Spaced Repetition technology. With this adaptive study technique, you’ll see cards you’ve marked as difficult more frequently, and cards you’ve marked as easy less frequently. This evidence-based spacing technique allows your brain to create long-term retention so that you can be successful on exam day.

quotes I love the flashcards! Really helped me get a better understanding of the material and to take away the key points from the lectures. Highly recommended!"
  — Kimberly N.

Flexible Start Dates & Extendable Access

Start When You Want, Extend as You Need

We provide the flexibility you need to fit your lifestyle. Course packages include a base duration time that will not begin until you are ready to activate. Need more time? Extend your course for as low as $39 a month from within your Student Dashboard. For ultimate flexibility, the Elite-Unlimited Course Package provides free continuing access until you pass the CPA Exam.

quotesThrough the flexibility of the online course and Roger's teaching method, I was able to pass all 4 exams within 1 test window on the first try."
  — Andy Y.

Personalized Study Planners

Organize and Plan Your CPA Exam Approach

We provide 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-month study planners that can be customized to meet your needs. Every planner covers all course materials and can be tailored to fit any schedule, allowing for maximum flexibility. For each study day, study planners map out specific topics and lectures to work through. The UWorld Roger CPA Review study planners are the easiest way to make a plan that will work. You know exactly how much studying you need to do to conquer the CPA Exams in the timeframe you have chosen. Now all that is left to do is execute the plan!

quotesI used the 6-month study planner and was able to pass each exam on the first attempt. I cannot thank UWorld Roger CPA Review enough for helping me through this process."
  — Amanda S.

Study Hub

Expert Help on Top CPA Exam Concepts

Everything we do is for our students–so when you need help, we’re here. At every step of your course you’ll find integrated feedback buttons so that you can reach out with any concerns–spanning from content questions to guidance on how best to study. And, the Study Hub is available 24/7 with access to thousands of questions from students with advice from our CPA Exam experts.

quotesThe Study Hub was a great source of assistance as many of the questions I had could be answered based on those already asked and answered by other students."
  — Robert T.

Superior Customer Support

Real People Who Can Help

We believe in the power of a team. Whenever you need help, guidance, or support, we are just a click or phone call away. A friendly team of Customer Support Staff is available around-the-clock to answer any questions you have -- from technical support to CPA Exam guidance. Give us a ring. We’re in this together!

quotesPraesent sapien massa, convallis a pellentesque nec, egestas non nisi. Donec rutrum congue leo eget malesuada. Proin eget tortor risus."
  — Jane Doe.

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