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Practicing with realistic and up-to-date questions is the best way to prepare for the Part 1 or Part 2 CMA exam. Customize your study experience with thousands of challenging questions per Part and industry-leading explanations for every answer.
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Make Exam Day Feel Like Practice

Know what to expect on the real CMA exam with questions developed by UWorld’s team of practicing CMAs and accounting educators. All questions meet or exceed exam-level difficulty and are aligned to the latest IMA Learning Outcome Statements.

Learn by Doing

Master key exam concepts with our research-backed active learning method.

Create Custom Quizzes

Assess your CMA exam skills. Generate unlimited quizzes by subject, topic, or custom tag.

Understand the Why

Step into the mind of a CMA with detailed rationales by accounting experts for every answer choice.

Enhance Your Time Management

Practice with exam-like time constraints so you don’t skip any questions on exam-day.

Turn Weaknesses
into Strengths

Identify knowledge gaps with performance metrics so you can study exactly what you need.

Replicate the Exam Environment

Practice in a Prometric-like layout. Don’t wait until exam day to experience the test interface.

Prepare to Pass Faster with UWorld

Train for your upcoming CMA exam with digital learning tools that make a difference. Learn faster, retain more, and score higher with the QBank that has helped 80% of UWorld CMA candidates pass on the first try.

Start Now with 6,000+ Questions

Get immediate access to 2,990+ exam-level practice questions for Part 1 or 3,050+ for Part 2. Every question has been written, reviewed, and updated by our in-house team of CMA experts to reflect the latest exam’s content, structure, and difficulty.

Start Now with 6,000+ Questions

Make Data Work for You

Make Data Work for You

Don’t waste time studying what you already know— measure your progress with our advanced performance analytics. The more you study, the better our QBank defines your knowledge gaps to help you focus on areas for improvement.

Access Innovative Digital Learning Tools

Create custom flashcards with spaced-repetition technology to enhance your information retention. Integrated content transfer makes it simple to incorporate our CMA QBank content into cards.

Effortlessly copy our QBank content, images, and charts into our customisable My Notebook feature. Annotate text, simplify language, and organize your notes for more efficient CMA preparation.

Access Innovative Digital Learning Tools

Study Anytime, Anywhere

Study Anytime, Anywhere

Review QBank questions in the back of an Uber or take a practice test on your lunch break. Get the active learning tool you need to pass the challenging CMA exam in your pocket.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The CMA exam consists of two separate exams. Both Part 1 and Part 2 include 100 multiple-choice questions and 2 essay questions. Candidates must answer at least 50% of multiple-choice questions on each exam before proceeding to the essay portion. Multiple-choice questions account for 75% of the total exam score for each Part.
Up to 10 of the 100 multiple-choice questions candidates encounter on each exam Part are evaluated by the ICMA for potential use on future exams. As a result, those 10 questions do not count toward a candidate’s final exam score. The minimum passing score on the CMA exam is 360 out of 500 points.
While it is important to practice a high volume of challenging questions leading up to your CMA exam window, you should also be sure to select exam-level, high-yield questions designed to build your skills and increase your chances of passing. UWorld CMA Review includes over 6,000 practice questions written by our in-house CMAs and accounting instructors. 80% of UWorld CMA Review students pass both parts of the exam on the first try. What are you waiting for?
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