The 21st Century CPA Exam Candidate: Mobile CPA Review

Its a miracle! You’ve found a thirty-minute gap in your schedule, jammed right between work and your kids little league game. Its not enough time to race back home and crank out some Multiple Choice Questions for your upcoming FAR exam, but its too much time not to take advantage of. No problemo, you say as you whip out your iPad and crank out some much-needed studying with your Mobile CPA Review.

To the naked eye, the 21st century CPA Exam Candidate may look identical to earlier generations of CPA hopefuls, but don’t be mistaken they’re an entirely different breed. Unlike previous generations who jetted off to the library for hours of back-to-back studying on the ancient desktop computer, this candidate is all about mobility and multitasking. Constantly in search of the latest and greatest gadget to streamline the CPA Exam studying process, this candidate recognizes that simple changes, like sneaking in a lecture while waiting in line at Starbucks, or squeezing in some on-the-go studying during the morning commute, can be the difference between a 74 and a 75. In order to pass, you must devote 300-400 hours of time to your CPA study material; however, why not check off some of those hours by watching CPA Review lectures at the gym or on the train?

We know you’re itching to join the club.

Now, don’t be timid. The 21st century CPA Exam Candidate doesn’t have to be the techiest of the bunch; all that’s needed is an appreciation and acceptance of technology and also opposable thumbs. Simply login to your Student Account using the internet browser on your mobile device, and voila you’re ready to watch your latest lecture! Compatible with almost all mobile systems, Roger CPA Reviews mobile CPA Review works with the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Mobile and iPad, just to name a few. No more excuses for not having the time errands are now excuses to study!

Dont get left behind -Youre part of the 21st Century CPA Exam Club now. Next time we catch you twiddling your thumbs at the DMV, we expect those thumbs to be logging you in to your Online Review Course via your smart phone.

Enroll Now & Join the 21st Century CPA Exam Club! Props if you use your Mobile Device!

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