3 Easy Tips For Combating Procrastination

So, you’ve hit a studying roadblock somewhere along the arduous journey towards CPA designation. Whether it is 4 am or 9 pm, distractions always manage to find their way into your study zone. We asked our students on Facebook what they would rather be doing than studying for the CPA Exam, and we received many creative replies! Some our favorites included sleeping, exercising, and of course, already being certified. What can you do to break through the distractions and truly focus on your studies? Here are 3 easy tips on how to pummel procrastination.

1) It’s Crunch Time literally!: Equipping yourself with healthy snacks can serve as an effective and guilt-free concentration tool. Carrots, bell peppers, grapes, or apple slices are all great options that will keep you full and focused through those long study sessions.

2) Break It Down: Its important to remember that CPA Exam preparation is a marathon, not a sprint. Past Roger CPA Review students are crazy about our Study Planners, an online tool that provides aday-to-day breakdown of what lectures to watch, sections to study, and for how long.

3) Tune in to Success: Take a few minutes to find out what study environment you thrive in. Some students love music and group study while others prefer silence and solitude. Whatever it may be,creating a study space that suits your preference is essential to combating procrastination.

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