3 Reasons Why an App Can Lead to C-P-A

1. The answers are at your fingertips.
The dog days of wasting time are over. You’ve got to admit, it’s pretty cool that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you always have access to a bank of 3,900 AICPA-released CPA Exam questions with answers and rationales. 

2. You’re busy, and that’s not changing!
Stop waiting for the perfect time to prepare for the CPA Exam. Chances are, that idyllic moment may be a far-off fairy tale. Instead, embrace your busy lifestyle and take the CPA Exam by the horns. Users of the Roger CPA Review – Practice Tests app can take a Quick Test of either 10, 20, or 30 randomized questions, and then see your results! Bookmark specific questions and review your past tests at a later date to ensure full learning comprehension of the CPA Exam material.

3. You understand that every single question helps.
One of the best pieces of advice that Roger CPA Review alumni come back to share is the importance of using your down time wisely. Waiting to pick up the kids from soccer practice? Quiz time. Standing in an outrageously long line at Safeway? Quiz time. Tuning out of a boring conversation? Quiz time. Well, maybe not the last example, but squeezing in bite-sized study sessions can easily be the difference between a 74 and a 75.
Check out what some of our Facebook friends are saying about the Roger CPA Review – Practice Tests App:

“I got the full REG version and LOVE IT! Worth every penny!”

– Valerie B.

“With FAR a mere 25 days away, this comes not a moment too soon. Thanks Roger Philipp.”

– Resa W.

“I got the audit part and I loved it. Thank you very much.”

– Keyla B.

“Lots and lots if questions, I love it… It’s great because you can fly through a bunch of them and the redundancy reinforces the concept. I’m using the new App to prepare for REG the weekend after Thanksgiving.”

– Judy L.

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