3 Tips for Recruiting CPA Candidates in a Virtual World

recruiting cpa candidates

When you and your team are brainstorming ideas for recruiting CPA candidates virtually, you should at least know that you are in good company: Virtual and remote work has increased dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some companies have decided to work entirely remotely, while others retain on-site employees as well as their virtual counterparts. Navigating this new normal is a constantly changing process, and the recruitment process of CPA candidates is no exception.

While growing familiarity with virtual platforms might be a positive side effect of an otherwise stressful and challenging year, your firm might still be unsure of how to utilize technology to alert candidates to job openings and conduct the hiring process remotely. Here are three tips for a successful virtual recruiting process:

1. Recruiting Candidates on Virtual Platforms

It’s best to be transparent in your recruitment process to avoid confusion and potential misunderstandings. Ensure that you receive applications from only the best CPAs who are serious about applying for the position by writing an engaging, clear job posting. Detail the position’s requirements and answer other pertinent questions you think job candidates will ask: Are you hiring for full-time or part-time work? Will your candidates’ work hours — or locations — change when COVID is no longer a threat?

Your applicants are sure to have more questions, so give them a point person to contact throughout the hiring process and make sure they understand that the lines of communication are open if they have concerns. Your candidates will get a feeling for how your company operates during the recruitment and hiring process, so be sure to stay positive, remain engaged, and function as a reflection of your company’s culture.

2. Streamlining the Application Process

Use application software to manage your candidates’ applications, resumes, and other documentation they might have sent you such as diplomas or proof of enrollment from a university. Additionally, if you have a large number of applicants, you might want to consider using a virtual hiring platform that simplifies the hiring process from start to finish.

3. Interviewing Your Candidates Remotely

If you are thinking about changing your company’s interview process to virtual recruiting due to the pandemic, you’re not alone—Amazon and Facebook are two major corporations that currently conduct virtual interviews to onboard new employees. If you have a large number of candidates, you will have to streamline your process in the following ways:

•       Only request an interview for the ones you are sure you want to see.

•       Treat the process as if you were meeting potential candidates in person. Appear on camera before your interviewee, observe common courtesies such as wearing a professional outfit and cleaning your desk or workspace before the interview.

•       It’s not just you that needs to look your best: Be sure to interview candidates in a well-lit room with professional-quality audio and picture. If you don’t know a cinematographer who can make you look great on camera, try these tips for setting up professional-grade interview lighting for video calls.

•       Try to use video interviewing software instead of the video chat feature on your phone to lend legitimacy to the process. Remember that you want to make a good first impression too.

Due to this year’s pandemic, the remote strategies you are currently learning might stay in place for a while. So it’s a good idea to spend the time needed to fully understand the recruitment tools available to you in this new, virtual world.

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