3 Tips to Stay Motivated in Your CPA Exam Studies This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, Roger CPA Review is grateful for all of our brilliant students! Year after year, you do us proud. To thank you for being such superstar CPA hopefuls, we’ve crafted 3 Tips to Stay Motivated in your CPA Exam Studies this Thanksgiving.

1. Study in the morning – Wake up an hour or two early before the rest of your household begins to bustle about. Find a quiet space and crank out a lecture or two before the holiday really gets going. If you have a hard time buckling down, think about how much harder studying would be after you’ve filled your tummy with turkey. L-tryptophan is not your friend!

2. Excuses, excuses! – Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity for you to use that “Get out of jail free card” for household chores and holiday preparation. Vacuums and Windex be gone– tell your family members that you’ll just have to sit this one out in the name of CPA!

3. Improvise – Make the most of the little moments of down time. Any time that you can fit in some flash cards or Practice App quizzes will be of great value in the long run of your study process.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

The Team at Roger CPA Review

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