4 Ways Social Media Can Help Land Your Next Accounting Job


It’s pretty clear – social media has changed the way in which we interact with each other. Whether sharing weekend photos with family and friends or reaching out to a recruiter about a job opportunity, social media is a great tool for networking with others – especially when trying to advance your accounting career.

Recent studies show that over 92% of companies use social media for job recruiting.  So, if you’re thinking about changing jobs or advancing your career, consider the following 4 ways in which social media can help:

  1. Amplify your personal brand.
    Building your own personal brand can help differentiate you from others when it comes to being selected for a specific job opportunity. Creating a personalized Website with a short bio, resume and blog is a great way to start building and promoting your personal brand. When applying for a job online, simply include a link to your Website in the online application to easily provide valuable information to a hiring manager. There are several free Website options if you’re trying to build your personal brand from the ground up and need to save money.
  2. Showcase your skills.
    Writing quality content in your blog about what’s going on in your industry and linking to your social profile is a great way to position yourself as an expert in your field. This isn’t something that can be done overnight. It takes months and sometimes years to establish yourself online as an expert in your field.  To help speed up the process, consider advancing your industry knowledge by answering questions on Quora, Yahoo Answers and other Q&A sites. Also, within your social media profile, include searchable keywords that cover your experience and skills.  That way, recruiters can easily find you when searching specific terms for a position.
  3. Engage with other accountants.
    Be active on social media. Follow companies, connect with other accountants, and become a member of professional accounting groups and forums. The quality and depth of your social media engagement will stand out to potential employers. Post often but make sure your posts are adding value to the conversations. Be mindful of comments you leave on other public pages – those can be seen by potential employers, so if they aren’t a good representation of you, delete them.
  4. Connect with potential employers.
    Job candidates who don’t create and interact on social media sites might miss out on being considered for a new position.  Social media is a great place to promote your personal brand, find out what people are saying about a company, connect and converse with a company’s leadership team and reach out to recruiters about a specific job.

These are just a few basic ways to leverage the power of social media when promoting yourself to potential employers. Consider implementing a few of these suggestions the next time you’re thinking of applying for a new position or to further develop your personal brand online.

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