5 Reasons Why CPA Candidates Are Like Sharks

In the spirit of the best seven days on TV – that’s right, we’re talking about Shark Week – we’d like to piece together for you some of the eerie parallels between sharks and CPA Candidates.

Sharks’ wounds heal remarkably quickly. Sharks are tough. So are CPA Candidates. Studying for the CPA Exam is no easy feat, and CPA Candidates learn quickly that they must develop thick skin to attack the CPA Exam beast. A 74 on BEC? Not a problem – they’ll study harder and get it the next time around.

There are over 400 different species of sharks. There’s a preposterous myth about how CPA Candidates are math dweebs who rejoice in counting beans during their free time. However, we assure you that all CPA Candidates are different and have varying hobbies just like normal folk, enjoying everything from sports, to traveling, to cooking and doing them with an abundance of varying personalities to boot.

Sharks do not sleep the same way humans do. Some sharks even need to swim constantly to keep water moving over their gills and body to survive. Well, let us tell you–CPA Candidates sleep differently than the average Joe, and every one of you can relate to that or even tell an amusing story or two of how you got into some trouble during your witching hour. Juggling a full time job, family, friends and the CPA Exam, CPA Candidates must wake up early and go to bed late in the hopes of squeezing in uninterrupted time with their studies.

Sharks have been around forever! 250 million years, to be exact. CPA Candidates have been around for 100 years or so (so just a tad less than sharks) since the implementation of the CPA Exam. And this profession isn’t going anywhere either – From small startups in San Francisco, to the big Wall Street Firms of New York, every moneymaking body needs a CPA’s expertise. 

And lastly, sharks are pretty bad*ss. Goes without saying, these prehistoric predators rule the deep blue sea. CPA Candidates rule the accounting world with their determination to pass the CPA Exam and their ability to stay focused, motivated and on course. Interview any CPA Candidate about their licensure journey and you’re sure to learn about the sacrifices they’ve had to make and the hardships they’ve had to endure to get to where they are today.

So, there you have it. Sharks. They’re just like you. And don’t let anyone else tell you different!

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