5 Things Firms Can Do For Their Staff During Busy Season


Busy Season is aptly named for the type of work that your accounting firm does. Long days filled with travel, paperwork, and an untold amount of caffeine intake, your staff is working their hardest during this time of year. As the last stretch of Busy Season comes to an end, here are 5 things you can do for your staff to prevent them from getting burnt out and finishing strong. 

Bring in some masseuses

You can hire a team of masseuses to come into the office and give massages for a couple days or a whole week. Set up a system that allows your staff to sign up for a massage during their break to relax their bodies and minds. A masseuse will be able to detangle any knots and alleviate any stress points they have from sitting in their cars or at their desks all day. This will help ease tension as well as make them feel rejuvenated once they have to get back to the grind. 

Allow staff to bring their dogs to work

Sometimes the simple joy of having a furry friend around is all you need to be put in a better mood. Many colleges hire organizations that bring dogs onto campuses during finals week. Students can play with them to relieve stress and pressure and to feel comforted. Many companies allow employees to bring their dogs to work for the same reasons. You should definitely consider this option! Allow your staff to bring in their canine companions with parameters you establish. You’ll find that this will improve office morale overall. 

Food and drink gatherings

An essential part of keeping your staff going throughout these intense months is, of course, sustenance! Offer your staff snacks and meals that are healthy, organic, and energizing. Stock fresh fruit, veggie snacks, trail mix, coffee, tea, and water throughout the office. But, of course, indulge them once a while with fresh donuts and pastries too!

Another great way to give everyone a break and to interact with one another is of course going out to staff luncheons, dinners, or happy hours. Schedule these often to give them a chance to get out of their desks and to be in a different environment. It will also encourage team building, allowing your staff to get to know one another better, and feel more comradery during this busy time. 

Set up resting areas 

Sleep, aside from sustenance, is one of the most important things anyone needs to function properly. As your staff undergoes 12 hour days, they need to find some time to shut down and reenergize. Setting up some resting areas is a great way to promote this. Rent or buy some office pods, hammocks, or couches and designate them to spaces that are quiet and calm. Your staff can utilize them to get some shut eye or simply lay down and relax away from the noise and stressful environment. This can increase productivity and give them a second kick start to their day. 


Sometimes the best thing you can do for your staff is often the simplest thing: showing appreciation and acknowledgement for all their hard work. It’s easy to get caught up in the momentum of busy season where everything is fast paced and non-stop. However, it’s important to take some time out of every day to show your staff that you recognize all that they do and to reward them for it. This could be something as small as walking around the office and expressing your thanks, handing out gift certificates or other goodies, or something bigger, such as doing a weekly roundup that highlights certain employees/departments. 

We hope you found this helpful and that you incorporate a few or all of these things into your firms as Busy Season approaches its end. We guarantee that your staff will appreciate the perks as well as the effort, showing them that you care about and value them.  Know of other ways to make Busy Season more enjoyable? Let us know in the comments! 

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