Angela’s Best Study Tips For The Holiday Season

Hi everyone!  I am really excited for the holidays its my favorite time of year!  Although I fully intend to celebrate the holidays to their fullest, its also very important I stay on top of my REG plan.  Here are a few tips I am using to stay on top of my studying:  

– Get your studying in early chances are if you put off studying to later in the day, youre less likely to do it.

– Talk to your family and friends I find the more I talk about the exam, the more motivated I feel to study.  Now is the perfect time to let everyone in your family know how much youve been focusing on the exam and what it will mean to pass.

– Take advantage of quiet places my local coffee shop where Im known by owner not only by name, by order and also by the girl who is studying to be an accountant has been nuts lately due to the holidays.  I decided to change venues to the local public library.  Most schools are now on winter break so take advantage of the extra quiet and prime seating in the library.

– For those of you studying in cold wintery climates, get it done now!  Trust me, we dont want to be locked inside reviewing phase out limits, AGI or the Securities Act of 1934 during the summer!

– Stay healthy this time a year, it seems everyone has a cold or the flu.  Its important we all stay healthy.  Studying for the CPA exam is hard enough as it is, studying with a cold makes it that much worse.  Ensure you are taking precaution if someone you know is sick.

– Reward yourself be careful with this one.  Its easy to reward yourself a little too much.  This weekend I kept getting e-mails about killer last minute sales going on!  I really wanted to close the books and hit the mall but I used some self-control.  Instead, I took a break, did some online shopping (gotta love that free shipping!), felt refreshed and started studying again.

Also, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the people in my life that have been a tremendous support system as I complete my journey to be a CPA – my family and friends, co-workers, the Roger CPA Review staff and of course, all of you without all of your support, well wishes, and encouragement, the CPA exam would just be that much tougher!

Take care,


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