Auditory Learning for CPA Exam Prep

Did you know that auditory learners make up 30% of the population? Are you an auditory learner? Here’s how you know: auditory learners take in information by attending classes, discussing topics, using tape recorders, and explaining ideas to other people. They are good at remembering things they are told and understand the meaning of speech by listening to the tone of voice and pitch. When studying for the CPA Exam, there is a heavy emphasis on video lectures, practice questions and the textbook. However, you can increase your learning potential by adding aural study tools to your CPA Exam prep. In fact, most candidates are successful when they combine different learning technique.

Roger CPA Review is excited to introduce the Roger Audio Course. Even if you think you learn best with other methods, here are some ways this supplementary course can help all students better prepare for the CPA Exam:

  • Study when you’re not studying to maximize every minute leading up to the exam; study on your commute, at the gym, before you fall asleep- you pick!
  • Immerse yourself in the most important CPA Exam topics: the audio course covers the most heavily tested CPA Exam topics, giving you exactly what you need to know to pass.
  • Solidify concepts you’ve learned in your lessons; after a day of studying, listen to the audio course to remind yourself of important concepts and reinforce your understanding.

This audio course is given to you as an easy MP3 download and focuses on the most heavily tested topics on the CPA Exam. Keep in mind, it is not meant to be the only study tool to help you pass the exam. We encourage its use like you take vitamins: you still need to eat healthy (aka study with a full CPA Review course) even though youre taking a great multi-vitamin (the Roger Audio Course).

Happy Studying!

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