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We are excited to bring back Daniela Wallroff, an old student of ours, who is attempting to complete the CPA Exam this summer! She is an excellent example of how if you get off track, you CAN slip back into your studies and reach your goals. Remember, “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.” Read more.

I’m back in the CPA exam saddle again.  After much personal reflection and a lot of arm twisting from my mother (Hi Mom!), I have decided that I am going to try to finish what I started.  I have already passed FAR and AUD but now it is crunch time because my FAR exam expires at the end of July.  So I only have one and a half testing windows left to pass REG and BEC.  I have been studying for REG for a couple weeks now and am planning on taking the exam in early April.  Then I am planning on taking BEC in late May.  Hopefully I will be able to pass both and be done but if not I will have July to retake whatever I do not pass.

Many factors contributed to me losing my way.  The biggest factor was that I am no longer working in public accounting and I have no plans of ever going back into public accounting.  Understandably, there is a lot of pressure to become a CPA in public accounting.  It is expected of you.  At my current job I am one of two accountants and the other accountant is not a CPA and he has the highest position at the company.  Also, I no longer have coworkers to commiserate about the CPA exam with.  It was nice to have that support system at the CPA firm because only someone who has taken the exam can truly understand what a huge undertaking it is.

Ultimately, I just had a lot going on in my life (like everyone else) and I just gave up.  The CPA exam is so time consuming and tough and I had lost all of my motivation.  Its much easier to give up than to study so that’s what I did.  Now I wish that I had never given up because I could have been done by now. Studying this time around has changed a little bit.  Last time I was able to watch videos on my way to work because I commuted using public transportation.  Now, I drive to work so I have to keep my eyes on the road.  Luckily, Roger has added audio to his course offerings so now I listen to Roger in the car. I have listened to the audio so many times that I can recite some of the sections verbatim.  I have already watched all of the videos and taken notes on the book.  Now I am in MCQ mode.  Using Rogers Interactive Practice Questions section, I have already answered over 400 MCQs and I average 70% correct.  I read the explanation for all of the answers and make notes on the areas that I do not remember or that I feel I need extra help with.  Soon I’ll start practicing the Task Based Simulations.  I just want to have a better grasp on everything before I try any TBSs.

Lastly, I find that studying for the CPA exam with Roger CPA review has changed me.  I have adopted some Roger-isms:

  • If you sing the word control you might be a Roger CPA Review student.
  • If you tell people not to confuse boot with booty you might be a Roger CPA Review student.
  • If you say b-b-bye bye bye you might be a Roger CPA Review student.

What are your favorite Roger-isms? Have you ever gotten off track and then attempted to study again? Daniela

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