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Breaking News: First 10 Days Of Each Blackout Month Will Be Used For Testing


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Say goodbye to blackout periods! CPA Exam candidates can now sit for the CPA Exam anytime.
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NASBA is changing the way we think about blackout months—and in a good way. NASBA just announced today that beginning in June 2016, the first 10 days of each blackout month will now be available for CPA Exam candidates to sit for the CPA Exam. Blackout months, which occur during the third month of every quarter of the CPA Exam testing window, are months in which no testing is offered. Candidates typically utilize blackout months as a do-not-disturb study period. That is, until now.

Due to high demand for more testing dates and seats, the first 10 days of June 2016, September 2016, December 2016, and March 2017 have just added another 40 days for candidates to take the CPA Exam from now until the beginning of next year. That’s equivalent to a month and 10 days! This is great news for all candidates across the board. This is convenient not only for having broader scheduling options, but also to accommodate unexpected life events. Candidates no longer have to wait the entirety of a blackout month in order to reschedule or take parts of the exam.

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However, from April-June 2017, this 10-day extension will be suspended due to the launch window of the 2017 CPA Exam. NASBA states:

“Suspending the extension for the launch window will be necessary to allow time for the AICPA to properly calibrate the Exam for scoring. The 10-day extension will be reinstated for Q3 and Q4 of 2017.”

We hope you’re all just as excited as we are for this update. We know this will provide candidates with more opportunities to take and pass the CPA Exam.

Source: Update on Next Version of the CPA Exam

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