How Universities Are Preparing for Remote Education in the Fall

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The current COVID-19 pandemic continues to take a massive toll on health systems and social structures around the globe. This public health crisis has not only affected the well being of thousands of people and the economies of many countries, but entire industries and institutions. Higher education institutions have been particularly impacted by the current […]

How to Train and Onboard Interns and New Hires Virtually

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In the wake of the current pandemic, companies all over the world have had to implement virtual training for their interns and new hires. With roughly five million employees (3.6% of the U.S. employee workforce) currently working at home half of the time or more, companies are finding themselves quickly launching remote training programs without […]

How Current CPA Candidates Are Managing Stress in a Changing World

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During these unprecedented times, managing stress is no easy task — especially when it comes to preparing for the CPA exam. For many candidates, stressors such as economic uncertainty, adapting to new realities, and staying productive and motivated have been drastically exaggerated due to the pandemic.  In order to get a better understanding of how […]