Celebrate 11 Years With Roger CPA Review

This February, our team celebrated the 11-Year Anniversary of Roger CPA Review. To honor the success of our company, we’ve generated a word cloud using every student testimonial ever received over the past decade-plus. Of all the testimonials, some of the most frequently used words were CPA,thanks, and passed! Of course, Roger takes center stage, but now wed like to turn the spotlight on you. Thank you for choosing Roger CPA Review as the review course to help you pass the CPA Exam and begin your successful career as a Certified Public Accountant.

And with that, here are a few of our favorite testimonials from the past 11 years:

“Your teaching style is without a doubt one of the best I have seen. I could never have attained the grades I received without your help. I am extremely thankful. After all these years it blows my mind how you keep up your enthusiasm and concern for your students. If I were not so far away, I would not hesitate to come back for another REG class, but instead I will just order your tape (Yes, we were around for VHS tapes!). Thank you for helping me overcome a milestone in my professional career. After sixteen years out of college, I was not certain whether I had it in me to study and pass the CPA exam. I am entirely grateful.” ~Curt Dodd, White Pass and Yukon Route, 2002

Not to sound like I’m weird, but I really want to convey a feeling to youI have never seen someone be able to do what you do with such complex material. I have had 20-year scholar professors with doctorates accounting and authors of countless publications, and I don’t think these guys understand this stuff like you do. Further, you are able to put it into understandable form in a matter of seconds. Years of school, Becker, and CPA Excel all together could not do what you did in a few seconds for many exam issues I just wanted you to know your impact on my future.”  ~Daniel L. Medlen, Jr, 2004

Just wanted you to know that I have Roger CPA Review to thank for my recent exam success. After 3 failed attempts at AUD and losing credit for BEC I decided to change my review program. I purchased the AUD cram and full BEC review course and not only did I pass both, but I received better scores that I could imagine. I love Roger’s teaching style and I am so glad that I switched. Thanks for helping to make this long time dream a reality.” ~Brandy Smith, Texas State University, 2011

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