Celebrating the End of Busy Season: WithumSmith+Brown


This week, we’re celebrating accountants’ and firms’ hard work by speaking with different firms and discussing the importance of Busy Season as well as what they’re doing to celebrate another year in the books.

Today, we feature WithumSmith+Brown, a firm ranked 27th largest in the nation looking to empower clients with innovative tools and solutions to address their accounting, tax, and advisory needs. Learn more about their culture and how they got through Busy Season as we speak to Joan Kampo, Director of Human Resources, and Holly Greco, Human Resources Assistant.

How did your firm keep its staff energized and motivated during Busy Season?

There are several different ways that our Withum employees stay energized!  Many offices have weekly weight loss/fitness challenges, onsite massage therapy/mindfulness/meditation sessions, and weekly lunches and dinners. Some offices participate in “Busy Season Buddies” in which participating staff are anonymously paired up with another staff member and they surprise each other each weekly with small candies/gifts/words of encouragement to help them through the season.

Why do you think it’s important to keep staff morale up during this time? 

Contributing to good staff morale has such an impact on the firm. It improves productivity, performance, and increases the quality of work.  When staff morale is high, everyone works well. 

What did your firm do differently between last year and this year to better prepare for Busy Season? 

Each year we strive to do better than the last. Weekly meetings are held in which we discuss goals, expectations, ways to improve, and what we need to continue to do in order to achieve these goals for an efficient busy season.

What is your best piece of advice for current/future accountants to prepare for Busy Season?

Work towards the firms’ common goal. Meeting client deadlines is your number one priority, so use all the resources at your disposal.  

What did your firm do to celebrate the end of Busy Season?

First and foremost, the firm gives everyone the day after the deadline off! On deadline day, each office has their own way of celebrating but you can bet that it will include good food, good drinks, and relaxing and friendly comradery. 

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