CPA Exam Blogger Angela’s Difficult Decision

Our wonderful CPA Exam Blogger Angela is close to her D-day! She’s about to sacrifice one more holiday season to the CPA Exam and is being an absolute trooper about it. We’re all cheering you on, Angela!  

The pressure is on one month (actually 29 days to be exact) until REG.  I hope you all are taking advantage of Rogers handy little Study Sidekick.  With this tool you can input your exam date and it keeps track of it when you are watching the lectures.  Even though I knew my month deadline was here, it was nice that I received an e-mail this morning from Roger CPA alerting me of my month countdown.  

 Although I made a promise to myself that I didn’t want to be studying over the holidays, it looks like my Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years Day are all going to be celebrated with taxation and business law!  So festive!   After mapping out the remaining areas I am struggling with and factoring in that I want to do each multiple choice question one more time, I realized I would really be pushing it to take the exam on November 27th.  Throughout my journey, I have realized the CPA exam is just as much about your confidence level as it is about the material.  If you go in feeling confident and ready to crush the exam, you will.  If you go in concerned you didn’t study enough and don’t feel confident about the content in your CPA review materials, you will struggle.  Even though I wanted to be completed with REG by November, I would rather take an extra month and be confident when I arrive in early January.  This will be the last holiday season I give up to the CPA exam!

After I made that decision, I got right back to studying.  I have a busy week and weekend ahead reviewing some of the areas I am struggling with specifically individual and corporate AMT calculations. What are your upcoming exams and are you studying through the holidays too?
Take care.Angela

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