CPA Exam Blogger Daniela: Almost Exam Time!

Daniela resides in the great state of Pennsylvania. She begins her CPA Exam journey with the perspective of a Masters in Accountancy and a new job as a Tax Staff Accountant with a top 100 accounting firm. Daniela passed FAR on her first try, and is now preparing to tackle AUD!

Its almost time to take the Auditing exam.  I’m a week away from my test day but I feel like I am in pretty good shape.  I’m hoping to finish up all of the videos before this weekend so that I can focus the rest of my time on homework and fine tuning.  I would like to go through the homework questions at least once more this weekend and then I plan on doing practice sessions in the Wiley software until I want to pull my hair out! Ok, I probably will not pull my hair out but the more practice the better is what I found with taking FAR.  I like to do 30 problem practice sessions at a time and I try to make myself finish each session without a break.  

In between each session I’ll reward myself with a snack or a walk or even a little mindless television.  During the sessions I take notes on the problems that really stumped me.  The other reason I like to do as many problems as possible is because sometimes I know the answer to a question but I just did not understand what the question was asking for.  So many times when I am going through problems I have a DUH! moment because the question tripped me up at first.  I also like the Wiley software because it helps to highlight what areas you are strong or weak in.  When I was doing the practice sessions for FAR, I would start to notice that I was doing really well in certain areas so then I would concentrate my efforts on the sections that I was not doing as well on.  I even watched a few of Rogers videos again if I found there was a topic that I needed a refresher on. 

The thing that I am most worried about right now is the task based simulations.  Some of the simulations from the homework were really difficult and then others were a piece of cake.  At approximately 6 points per simulation I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the latter on exam day.  In the software I will usually only do a couple simulations at a time and I do not usually mix them in with my sessions of 30 MCQs.  I guess I like to do the TBSs separately because that is how it is on test day.

Well, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend Ill be studying!

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