CPA Exam Blogger Daniela: I Took FAR!

Daniela resides in the great state of Pennsylvania. She begins her CPA Exam journey with the perspective of a Masters in Accountancy and a new job as a Tax Staff Accountant with a top 100 accounting firm.

I finally did it, I took FAR!  Not sure how I feel about my chances.  I hear from a lot of people that that is how I am supposed to feel unsure.  I guess I’ll find out around February 25th how I actually did.

The day of my exam, I got up early, had a bowl of cereal and some coffee.  I was going to do some last minute studying but I decided to wait until I got to the testing center and then review some notes in the parking lot.  I made sure that I left extra early for the exam just in case something went wrong.  Long story short, I made it there fine but wouldn’t you know that my tire pressure light came on! All I could think was “Really?”  After putting air in my tires everything was fine and although it was a minor setback I just couldn’t believe it.  The night before, I had made sure that I had enough gas in my car and that I put down extra salt on my driveway but I didn’t check my tire pressure.  I guess I should make that a habit in the future.

When I finally got to the testing center my heart was racing.  I checked in with the woman at the front desk who asked for my ID and had me write my launch code from my NTS on the dry erase scratch paper that she gave me.  I grabbed a key for a locker, put all my belongings away and then asked to use the restroom (you can never be too sure).  When I got back from the restroom, they were ready to sign me in and “fingerprint” me.  I think I officially signed in at about 12:05 even though my appointment was at 12:30.  This surprised me because I thought I would have to wait until then to start my test.  And then the 4 hours began.

And now that I’m done, the waiting begins! but don’t worry, I have my first tax season to keep me busy!

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