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Celebration time is over and now it is time to get down to business for hopefully the last time.  I seem to be doing increasingly better on every exam that I take.  I got a 78 on FAR, an 88 on AUD and now a 91 on REG, so I’m starting to feel like I know what I’m doing.  Its still nice to switch things up a little though and that’s why I bought Rogers Cram for BEC.  I was so excited to get the condensed cram book in the mail.  I plan on rewriting the entire thing into either notes or flash cards- the book is that good! The videos are similar to what I was used to with the audio course and is great for reviewing the material.

First, I’m going to make sure I watch all of the regular course videos and read the regular course book.  Then my plan is to start viewing the cram videos and reading the cram book.  I am about halfway done with the regular course right now.  I plan on getting at least another 25% done this weekend because I am going to do nothing but eat sleep and study.  That’s how I plan on spending my next three weekends.  I have also planned a nice long study weekend during memorial day weekend and will be taking BEC on that Tuesday.  I actually did the same thing for AUD last year.  After I get through the cram course I will start rewriting the book as much as I can.  I’ll switch between that and a crazy amount of MCQs.  I am still not looking forward to the Written Communication at all and that’s probably because I haven’t really focused on that yet.

As far as what I am studying right now, I am really enjoying Section 3 – Financial Management & Capital Budgeting.  It is a lot of review from FAR but I also think that I am remembering a lot from my financial management courses in college.  I have always enjoyed the present value tables and they are back in BEC.  This section also has a lot of new and old formulas and ratios that will not be as much fun to memorize but I plan on using flash cards and repetition to help me.  This section does appear to be the longest one so I am hoping the rest of the course will be downhill from here.  I’m looking forward to seeing what Section 4 – Decision Making is all about!

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