CPA Exam Blogger Phil: Hear Him Roar

Phillip is only a short SIX weeks away from REG, which will be his LAST CPA Exam! In this blog, he talks about his newest motivation (you’ll never guess what!) and how he’s getting through the last chapter of this CPA Exam journey! 

So here I am just six weeks from my last exam REG.  Holy Freakin’ Cow.  I started studying in June 2012 and passed FAR in August 2012.  The race began, and I totally understood it to be a marathon and not a sprint, but I’m feeling exhausted, tired, cranky and I just want this life event to be over.  I’m ready to reclaim my nights and family back.  I’m ready to give up double shots of espresso and Mountain Dew.  

I want to share one simple thing that has kept me going, (besides Katy’s new song, Roar): I never understood the Pinterest craze until I found out I could find food recipes. HELLO?  So I quickly got addicted to Pinterest.  I only check Facebook now for Roger updates. 🙂 

Anyway, it was super timely, but I came across a pin and it simply read, Remember why you started.  Remember why I started?  Yesterday, I couldn’t remember any of the questions I did shortly after completing 400+ questions.  But I started to think back to May 2012 when I purchased Rogers full online review course.  I started this horrific journey simply because I wanted to add three initials to my name CPA.  Now, the only thing standing between me and those initials (other than this mental funk) is six weeks.  

Six weeks is not an insurmountable hurdle.  Its just time.  Roger hasn’t been wrong yet.  I have studied, and hell yes, I have passed.  I just hope that I have enough in me for that last one!  As I write this, I so desperately want those initials more than giving up. And, I might just get another tattoo to commemorate passing the exam!  Any CPA/Accounting suggestions for a tattoo? 

Below is a quote I totally hacked this week for my studies:

We will be perfect in every aspect OF THIS EXAM. You drop a QUESTION, you run a mile. You miss a SIMULATION, you run a mile. You fumble YOUR STUDY NOTES and I will break my foot off in your John Brown hind parts…and then you will run a mile. Perfection.  Let’s get to work.

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