CPA Exam Blogger Philip: The Exam!

Philip is a resident of the great state of New York, but has inspired and motivated fellow Roger students through online forums and social media platforms across the globe. Philip has already passed FAR.

Hello again.  I survived my AUD exam last week.  Had a moment of craziness when the I submitted the exam and the computer crashed.  Ok, maybe it was like a few moments of craziness that lasted until NASBA confirmed receipt of my answers.  In this blog, I want to discuss how the exam shaped up and offer one test taking tip that might have really helped me maximize my points.

I have said this many times, but the software questions are golden.  They not only contain the same questions from the homework book, but also add several other questions.  I found with the FAR and AUD exams, that the questions on the exam are much more closely worded to the software, and guess what?  This last testing proved the same.  I remember thinking to myself, well that looks extremely familiar, during the exam.  Roger definitely set me up for success!!!

Another comment about the AUD exam make sure you study all of the charts that Roger creates.  I cannot express how critical certain charts are, you know like perhaps the AUDIT REPORT CHART!  But I would never give away any questions, but if I were you, pay attention to those clear, concise charts in each chapter.  Thats not an act discreditable, right?

I want to share a test taking tip that actually worked for me.  During my study sessions leading up to the exam, my eyes were getting tired, and I was definitely not reading the questions on the computer screen as good as I should have.  I stare at a computer all day at work, and staring at one all night and on the weekends definitely tires the eyes.  

I shared my concern with one of my friends, and she gave me a simple solution write down the question if its easier to read it in print than on the screen.  Hmm.  So during the third testlet and simulations, I noticed my eyes were getting tired.  I took her advice.  I started writing down key words in the question and found that I was misreading the questions on the screen.  So writing down the key points from the screen to paper helped me understand the question and find what I thought was the right answer.  

Now, I am in agony as I wait patiently for the scores, as I know many of you are as well.  I wish all of you good luck as we find out our scores and move on to the next exam!

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