CPA Exam Blogger Philip: Score Release

Philip is a resident of the great state of New York, but has inspired and motivated fellow Roger students through online forums and social media platforms across the globe. Philip has already passed FAR.

As you all know, the week of the score release can be quite challenging.  You start looking for scores every minute, you become a zombie-like employee and you can hardly sleep, breathe or eat.  You start to replay the entire exam over in your mind,perhaps wishing you had answered the questions with different answers.  But then the day hits of the score releases.  Roger CPA Review posts a message on Facebook about potential early score releases, and then your index finger starts to click the mouse on the score button every second.  

Maybe, you are calmer about it than me.  The above describes me perfectly.  I was a wreck.  You would think that this is my third score release, I would be a veteran at this, but I am not.  Due to technical computer issues, I gave my info to a friend at work to push the score button.  

It was around 3 PM.  I had a meeting in my office, and I heard the scream, PHIL!  I rushed out of that office like it was going out of style to see my score for Auditing.  I did a double take, and then another one.  I scored an 84.  I remember thinking back to Danielle’s blog about her score and how she questioned what the passing score was and if her score was higher.  For a moment, I did the same.  Thankfully, I remembered basic math that an 84 was indeed higher than a 75.  

What followed can only be described as pandemonium 2013.  There were shouts of joy, and a happy accountant running up and down the hallway and plenty of high fives and hugs.  It was huge.  Everyone in the building knew I passed.  

There are two things that I attribute passing the Auditing exam to.  First, I believe that going thru the 1000+ Wiley Software questions made a significant impact on my understanding of the actual wording of the exam.  Those questions really provided that extra step towards success.  Secondly, I slowed down and wrote out the questions that I was struggling to read.  You really wont use four hours on the Auditing exam.  In fact, if you do the questions 2-3 times thru, you will find that you can get thru a question in about 20 seconds.  

Be confident in yourself and know that if you study, you will pass.

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