CPA Exam Guest Blogger Angela: Mind Over Matter

Guest blogger Angela shares her favorite personal motto to help her along when the going gets tough! Currently, she is studying for REG.

Has this happened to you?  You’ve mapped out what you think is a reasonable study schedule only to find that its taking you much longer to get through a section and the questions.  There are so many questions for REG!  I have been diligently studying before and after work and on the weekends. However, I’m still behind where I thought I would be at this point.  This week I’m participating in a leadership workshop I was nominated for by my Company.  There are several evening events, so I had to re-vamp my study schedule; I think I’m going to fall even more behind as a result.  

This week I’ve started feeling a little overwhelmed with REG.   I am targeting taking this section right before Thanksgiving, but I still have a lot of material to cover.  Sometimes when I get stressed (especially when I’m studying), I lose focus.  Instead of studying, I start worrying.  I do not have time for this kind of thinking!

Prior to dedicating my social life and spare time to the CPA exam, I used to run quite a bit.  I really enjoy running.  When I train for long distance races, I have a motto I continually say to myself during long runs that keeps me going.  It is very simple and has gotten me through a lot of difficult times where I’ve wanted to quit running to walk it is mind over matter meaning if you get your mind in the right place, you can complete whatever you are struggling with. I realized the other day I should incorporate my running phrase into my study habits.  I’m trying to stay positive, keep my stress level under control and remember this is all temporary and completely attainable.  

I haven’t been running or working because I feel my time is better spent studying.  I’m curious if any of you have any tips/tricks for working/studying and working out efficiently.  I would love to hear any advice!

Have a great week!

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