The CPA Exam Is Like A Rubik’s Cube

Today’s guest blogger, Steven, is studying for the final part of his CPA Exam. He compares studying for the different parts of the CPA Exam to working through a Rubik’s Cube. Read more below:

I’m studying for BEC, my last exam, and have three chances to pass before one of my other exam dates expires. I’m feeling the pressure and don’t want to be in a position where I have to take REG again. That was a difficult one for me.

The good news is that by this fourth exam, Ive started noticing that all four parts of the CPA Exam fit together like a Rubiks Cube.  For example, certain areas of AUD are tested in BEC and parts of BEC are tested in FAR and so on.  So Im feeling the synergistic effects of acquiring knowledge for one part of the exam to be used in other parts of the exam. Its made studying for BEC a little more enjoyable especially knowing that there is a pattern to the test.

If you didn’t receive a passing score on November 4th or if you’re struggling on one part of the exam, just remember that it does get easier because what you’re learning for one part of the exam may help you on the next part.  Stay positive, stick with it and don’t give up!

– Steven P.

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