CPA Exam Video Tip: The Benefits Of A Study Group

Welcome back to our CPA Exam Video Tip YouTube series, brought to you by Roger Philipp, CPA! As accounting professionals attempting to balance life, work and the CPA Exam, we know that youre about as busy as it gets. Therefore, we hope you enjoy the following bite-sized clip for easy, on-the-go viewing!

Two is company, but three is a study group! Tune in for this CPA Exam Tip by Roger Philipp, CPA, on the many benefits of forming a study group when tackling your CPA Exam studies.

Happy Studying!

First of all, its important to hold each other accountable, because believe it or not, there are times when you feel like studying, but your study partner doesnt feel like it, and vice versa. So its a nice way to motivate each other through that long, long study process. Its important also to go to the library with a buddy. I remember way back in the day when I studied for the exam. A friend and I used to lock ourselves in a room and we would each study doing our own topics. But then, when I had issues, I could ask him, and he could explain it to me, and vice versa. The nice thing about explaining is you think you really understand something, until someone says, Well, I dont understand this. Why? And then you try and explain it and realize Oh my gosh, I dont really understand it either! So its important to study with someone not that intelligent (joke!) because then it gives you a chance to really do some explaining. Practice mnemonics together! Another benefit is to commiserate with one another, so you dont feel so bad about giving up some of that time. Another thing too is virtual study groups; theres many of them out there available! For example, on Twitter you can type in #CPAExam and find other people who are studying as well. You can go on our Facebook page and people are forming study groups there. Once you become one of my students, I have a homework help center, which has a message board, so there are other people here who can assist you in your studying. Those are just some of the benefits of having a study group!

Do you have any additional study tips you’d like to share regarding study groups or study buddies? Leave them in the comments section!

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