CPA Exam Video Tip: How To Get Out Of A Study Rut

Welcome back to our CPA Exam Video Tip YouTube series, brought to you by Roger Philipp, CPA! As accounting professionals attempting to balance life, work and the CPA Exam, we know that youre about as busy as it gets. Therefore, we hope you enjoy the following bite-sized clip for easy, on-the-go viewing!

That feeling where the better half of your brain can’t convince your lifeless fingers to even pick up your CPA Review book? Yea, we know it well and we’ve all been there! Tune into the video below to learn several different strategies to keep you chugging along and scoring that long-awaited CPA!

Do you have any tips that help you get out of a study rut that you’d like to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments section!

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