CPAs Make The World A Better Place!


Many people associate CPAs as number crunching bean counters who work extremely long hours and are always in suits. While this may be true for some parts of the year (we can’t forget the Busy season!) it’s also a large misconception that we’d like to change. In addition to the enormous amounts of hard work and dedication it takes to become a CPA, what many people don’t realize is how CPAs are changing the world for the better.

Whether they’re working with small family-owned businesses, non-profits, or doing investigative government work, CPAs are at the forefront of financial integrity for all. And so, to further illustrate this, we’d like to share with you the many good things that CPAs do for us every single day in our slideshare, “The CPA Superhero.”

View “The CPA Superhero” on Slideshare!

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