Is a Cram in Your Plan? It Should Be!

We oftentimes hear the question, Should I purchase a Cram Course? Below, youll find a few different (and real) scenarios where Cram Courses have helped students to pass the CPA Exam.
Student A: With the testing window nearing an end, Student A still feels like she could use a boost before she sits for her REG exam at the end of the month. This is her first time taking the REG exam and she isnt scoring as well as shed like on her practice exams.

Student A is a great candidate for a Cram Course because it will give her the ideal final review With the Cram, shell revisit the most highly-tested material, and ultimately boost her score 5-10 points.
Student B: Student B did not stick to his Study Plandespite many warning words from the Roger CPA Review blog. But, work was too tough, life got in the way and now the testing window is closing in on him and theres no possible way get through all of his FAR studies.

Student B is a good candidate for a Cram Course. Though a Cram should not replace a full CPA Review course, when its combined with part of a review course, its a pretty solid last ditch effort to pass the CPA Exam.
Student C: Student C day-dreamed his way through his less-than-energetic CPA Review Course and doesnt feel ready for his upcoming exam. He technically viewed every lecture, but definitely doesnt feel fully prepared for the exam.

Student C probably should have switched instructors early on, but a Cram Course with a more motivational instructor is just what Student C needs to focus his efforts and pass the CPA Exam.

Student D: Student D took AUD last testing window and scored the widely-dreaded 74!

Student D is so close, and therefore the perfect candidate for a Cram Course. Even if Student D had scored within 5-10 points of a passing score, Student D can raise her exam score the necessary points to pass the CPA Exam with a Cram Course thats specifically designed to zero her in on the most highly tested material.
No matter the scenario, if youre feeling anything-but-prepared, a Cram Course can give you that added knowledge, information, motivation and confidence to pass the CPA Examonce and for all! Good luck, everyone!

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