Create Your CPA Exam Study Plan

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Say goodbye to blackout periods! CPA Exam candidates can now sit for the CPA Exam anytime.
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At Roger CPA Review, our motto is: If you study, you will pass! However, the number one reason that students fail the CPA Exam is because of a failure to adequately plan out and stick to their studying technique. Below, youll find a series of steps to help you set your own CPA Exam Study Plan!

Step 1: Set your CPA Exam goal time. You need to take a moment to take a look at your lifestyle and see how quickly you can feasibly get through the exam. Ask yourself: Do I want to travel this summer? What will my work schedule look like? Do I want a break between sections? Whats my financial situation? Do I have a family, etc.?

Step 2: Schedule your exams way in advance so that you have a clear-cut goal to work toward! By scheduling your exams in advance, you ensure that you’ll stick to your plan and test on your desired days.

Step 3: Create a Study Planner:
Begin your study planner during a blackout month: March, June, September or December. Within your planner, break down the specifics of your review course: lecture material and homework questions, leaving time for review a couple days before each exam.3 Month Study Planner: Complete the entire exam in one testing window. This schedule is comparable to a full-time job–the ideal opportunity for recent graduates to whiz through the CPA Exam before working for a firm. Better yet, a lot of firms offer bonuses if you pass before you begin working.View a sample 3 Month Study Planner.6 Month Study Planner: Finish all four sections in two testing windows and study 17-20 hours a week. This schedule is definitely a challenge, but it allows more time off than the previous schedule.View a sample 6 Month Study Planner.9 Month Study Planner: With this schedule, you would be expected to dedicate study time to the CPA Exam 2-3 days during your work week and one full weekend day.View a sample 9 Month Study Planner.Roger Philipp, CPAs tips to help you follow your Study Plan:Find a study buddy with a similar plan. Not only can you commiserate with this person, but you can bounce ideas off of one another, and ask endless questions!Change your life for the duration of the exam process. Wake up early and study before work. You might miss out on some social events, but you wont regret it later when youve passed all four exams!Take advantage of your resources! Read CPA Exam preparation blogs (like this!), check out free resources about the CPA Exam, and most importantly find a CPA Review Course that will help you to develop a study plan and guide you through this tricky time.Stay calm, focused and motivated! You can tackle this thing–we know it!