Didn’t Pass? Get A Fresh Start On Your Studies!

With score release behind us, some of you might find yourselves having to re-evaluate your plan of attack, rather than celebrating a passing score. When coming up with plan b, its important to take a couple things into consideration.

  1. How close were you? A score of 70-74 might simply require that you slightly adjust your study schedule, buzz through those practice problems one last time, or zero in on your weak spots. However, a score lower than a 70 might require complete CPA Review overhaul.
  2. Re-evaluate your course and find one that’s just right: Choosing a CPA review course is a little bit like the popular fairytale, The Story of the Three Bears. In order to successfully pass your exams, you should try to find a course that is just right. Watching CPA Review Course Demos is the best way to find your perfect match. Look for a teaching style that compliments the way you learn.
  • Are you a visual learner? Look for an instructor that works through the problem on the whiteboard as hes teaching.
  • Are you an auditory learner? Look for a dynamic instructor that can motivate you to put in the 300-400 recommended study hours by the AICPA and also teach you the necessary concepts to pass the CPA Exam.

Didn’t pass with your current course? Get up to $800 off the course that works! Didn’t pass? Don’t give up! Statistics show that CPA hopefuls who stay dedicated and quickly get back into studying increase their chances of passing the next time around. Roger CPA Review offers a FRESH START DISCOUNT for those who have already invested in a different CPA review course and simply need a change of pace!

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