The DNA Of Roger CPA Review


How our Philosophy, Mission, Vision, and Values have shaped Roger CPA Review as a student-centric program from the very beginning.

I joined Roger CPA Review in 2006, and was drawn from the start. 

There was something unique about this startup with it’s refreshing transparency, energy and unequivocal heart. With the ever-passionate Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA at the helm of the ship, the eager team was bursting with a true dedication to motivate aspiring accountants to reach their career goals.   

Since I jumped aboard, I’ve had the pleasure of leading this once California-based course, into an internationally recognized professional EdTech company.  

The passion and motivation that existed from the start now permeates through every aspect of the integrated program that is leading the CPA Review space with trailblazing innovation.  And the team has grown to include some of the brightest minds in the business—ranging from accounting, to education, to publishing, to eLearning development.  Every day I’m inspired by this group with their steadfast drive to refine the learning experience for our students.   

With the immense growth of Roger CPA Review, we are most proud to continuously stay true to the core principles that have shaped us as a student-centric program since inception. 

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With the immense growth of Roger CPA Review, we are most proud to continuously stay true to the core principles that have shaped us as a student-centric program since inception. 

These principles not only apply to the products and services we deliver to our students, but also to our internal Roger CPA Review team.  These elements make up our DNA, our code of conduct, and guide to making decisions within our business.  And because we believe it’s very important to be transparent with our community as we work together to reach success, we are pleased to share our Philosophy, Mission, Vision and Values: 

Our Philosophy

We believe the key to success is enjoying what you do.  Embrace the process.  Reach the goal.  

Our Mission

To create an impactful learning experience that helps aspiring accountants achieve career success. 

Our Vision

To empower the next generation of business leaders by shaping the future of accounting education. 

Our Values

  • Excellence: We set our sights high, and think you should, too.  We’re driven by a constant commitment to deliver quality products and services, resulting in an impactful learning experience.  The proof is in the numbers with 88% of our students passing on the first attempt.
  • Innovation: We think outside the box. We are constantly pushing the boundaries, and seeking new ways to better serve our students, and ensure they pass the CPA Exam with maximum efficiency. While other review courses chase the latest trends or buzz words, we are an agile and data-driven business that disrupts the professional education industry. 
  • Agility:  When you’re a Roger CPA Review student, your voice matters. We listen to and learn from you, and the knowledge we gain is invaluable.  It fuels our innovation, and pushes us to quickly adjust and refine our program to meet your needs.  Your satisfaction is our success.
  • Passion:  We love what we do and are inspired by the difference we can make in your life.  We listen, we support, we guide, we deliver, and we will do whatever it takes to help you pass.  Because we truly care.  Our team provides personalized service, including guidance from expert CPAs, as well as a team working around the clock to continuously upgrade course materials, ensuring an effective and impactful learning experience. 
  • Collaboration: We believe in the power of a team.  As our student, you can feel confident in knowing you are not alone on this journey—we’re in this together. We work with you and the way YOU learn by providing engaging, top-notch customer support paired with effective learning tools that cater to all learning styles. 
  • Character:  We aim to serve our students with the utmost integrity, honesty, and absolute loyalty, without a catch.  As our student, you’ll get everything you need to pass the CPA Exam for as low as $1,695.  No gimmicks, no price gouging, just results that you need at an affordable price.  

When it comes down to it, everything we do is for our students.  

We are dedicated to ensuring you are engaged, inspired, and even having fun while studying with our program.  And, of course, we’re committed to helping you pass the CPA Exam as quickly as possible, move up in your career, and go on to accomplish all the wonderful things we know you’re capable of.   Kristin Lynes is the Chief Operating Officer and key visionary in leading the Roger CPA Review to be an agile and innovative professional education company.  Read more about Kristin.

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