Find Your CPA Exam Groove Thang

How do you get yourself excited and pumped to start studying? More importantly, how do you keep yourself motivated and how do you find your CPA Exam studying groove? Keep reading…

1. Constantly remind yourself why you decided to start the CPA Exam process in the first place. Before you even start studying, make a list of reasons: why you want to be a CPA, why it’s important for you to pass the CPA Exam, what becoming a CPA means to you, etc. Whenever you feel like your studying is starting to deteriorate, whip out the list and read it to yourself.

2. Break up your studying time into chunks. The length of these chunks is up to you, but we don’t recommend studying for more than a couple of hours straight. If you study for 1 hour straight, take a 10 minute break and then dive back in. If you study for 2 hours at a time, take a 20-25 minute break. This will make your studying less dreadful and more bearable!

3. Find group of students who are also studying for the CPA Exam. Being connected to like-minded people who have similar goals will keep you motivated and hold you accountable. If you can, find a study buddy who can quiz you and push you to keep studying! Feel free to post on our Facebook wall or LinkedIn group if you’re looking for people to study with.

4. Whatever you do, don’t give up, and don’t stop! This will help your body and brain get used to the regularity of studying and you won’t lose any momentum. Establish a routine that works for you and then stick to it.

5. And lastly, if you can study to music, make a CPA Exam studying playlist, and quite literally, groove to it as you study!

We hope these tips will be helpful as you start or continue your CPA exam journey. It’s a tough one, but remember that nothing worth having ever comes easy!

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