Firm Recruiting Spotlight Wrap-Up


Recruiting season is in full swing, which means many firms are going to college campuses looking for top talent to become a part of their staff. To pay homage to this very intense and exciting time of year, we interviewed several recruiters from the top 35 firms across the nation last week in a series titled, “What Makes Your Recruiting Process Unique?”

Through this series, we learned more about how firms reflect their cultural values through their recruitment process, what challenges they’re currently facing, and what qualities they believe ideal candidates should possess. Here’s a wrap-up of our series below.

Blane Ruschak from KPMG talks about what makes your firm unique in the recruiting process


With over 20 years’ of experience in recruiting, hear what Blane Ruschak from KPMG has to say about the importance of keeping ethics and integrity at the forefront of the firm and offers his best piece of advice to anyone in their career.  
Katherine Charchalis of BDO, LLP discusses the distinguishing factors of your company during the recruitment process.


Katherine Charchalis from BDO, LLP discusses how “helping people thrive every day” is the firm’s core purpose that permeates to their clients and staff from their first interaction and well into their partnership or employment at BDO. 
McKenzie Campana of Armanino, LLP discusses the distinct qualities that set your company apart during the recruitment process.

Armanino, LLP

McKenzie Campana from Armanino, LLP talks about how recruiting can be challenging since college students, like professional clients, grow and change. She emphasizes how significant it is to personalize the recruiting process per student and to make them feel valued by the firm, regardless of whether or not they receive an offer.
Chris Roberts from WeiserMazars, LLP discusses the distinctive aspects that set your firm apart during the recruiting process.

WeiserMazars, LLP

Chris Roberts from WeiserMazars, LLP knows that the competition for top talent is stiff and offers insight into what his firm does in order to give candidates realistic experiences of what their future at WeiserMazars could look like, such as interacting with partners and offering internships to develop valuable business skills. 
Nancy Choi and Jennifer Matsuura from HCVT, LLP discusses about what makes your firm unique in the recruiting process


Nancy Choi and Jennifer Matsuura from HCVT, LLP discuss what qualities candidates have that really impress them at Meet the Firms events. They reiterate that strong character comes from overcoming hardships and using such lessons to successfully advance their careers. 

We hope you all enjoyed this series as much as we did. We’d like to give a huge and warm thanks to all the recruiters we interviewed for their time and powerful insight into the world of recruiting and wish everyone the best of luck in finding the perfect fit between staff and firm!

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