Former Student Launches Fitness App to Help Busy CPA Candidates

Today we’ve got a special treat for you, folks! Didem “Dee” Komaromi is a former Roger CPA Review student turned CPA who would like to share some post-CPA Exam insight with you. Enjoy!

 A few years back while I was studying for the CPA Exam, I had no idea I would be working as an auditor in technology risk advisory services for one of the best firms in the US, have my own fitness app, Pretty Fit, (iOS) and become a mother (the most rewarding accomplishment ever). I will be honest – back then all I was thinking about was how to pass AUD, FAR, REG and BEC. Can you tell my life definitely has changed since then? 🙂

Paying it forward is an important idea to me. That’s one of the reasons I went on to create a free fitness app. I know firsthand how difficult it can be for CPA candidates to find time to be active while studying. Oh, I’ve been there. There were so many days I just didn’t want to go to the gym because I wanted to use the time for studying. I was laser focused. I was going to pass the exam no matter what, with the help of Roger, of course. However, I knew that’s it proven that physical exercise and good health can help sharpen the brain for something like the CPA Exam.

That’s where my app idea came in! I was always interested in launching my own app, and turned the dream into reality on July 5th  with my very first iOS app, Pretty Fit-Best Exercise, Fitness, Yoga and Diet Tips. Since it launched, it is ranked in top 100 in 20+ countries in fitness & health category. With this app you don’t need to leave your house and waste your precious study time on traveling to the gym. Pretty Fit collates the best fitness and diet videos online, organizing them by fitness and/or diet category, as well as workout duration. You can browse featured videos, discover new ones or choose from your favorites.

Download my app and start shaking your body and remember never ever give up on your dream of becoming a CPA! Believe me it will open so many doors for you!

Didem Dee Komaromi, CPA

Download the app on iTunes

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