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The CPA Exam is a comprehensive test composed of 4 parts, given individually, over a total of 16 hours. Each part consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and Task-Based Simulations (TBS). TBS are condensed case-studies designed to test candidates on their analysis, judgment, communication, and research required of entry-level CPAs. They’re structured to be a series of tasks that the candidate must complete that may include spreadsheets or forms, research on a topic, written business communication, and problem-solving.

Free Access to Professional Literature

When working through TBS, candidates will be required to do online searches of professional literature databases to answer some of the exam questions. Did you know that CPA Candidates get 6-months free of online access to the professional literature used on the CPA Exam? The online professional literature helps CPA Candidates understand what it’s like to work with accounting resources during the actual exam. 

Eligibility for Free Online Access to the Professional Literature

CPA Candidates who have applied and are eligible to take the CPA Exam have access to online professional literature. The following is included in the professional literature package:  

  • AICPA Professional Standards
  • FASB Original Pronouncements
  • FASB Accounting Standards Codification

To apply for the free six months of access to the Professional Literature Package, visit the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) website and make sure you have your Notice of Schedule (NTS) available when registering.

CPA Exam Blueprints

The CPA Exam Blueprints, created by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), help CPA Exam Candidates know what skills and content topics will be tested on the CPA Exam.  The CPA Exam Blueprints are intended to assist candidates in preparing for the Exam and are a great free resource for a better understanding of the minimum level of knowledge and skills necessary for initial CPA licensure. 

Although the blueprints are a good resource when studying for the CPA Exam, you really don’t have to worry about them too much if using one of our CPA Review courses. Our curriculum within our course maps to the CPA Exam blueprints so that you’re prepared for the CPA Exam on exam day.

Learning Center

No matter where you are in your CPA Exam journey, our learning center has the resources you need to fully understand more about the CPA Exam and CPA licensure.

Accounting Dictionary 

Needing clarification on an accounting term and looking for some help? Our accounting dictionary provides terms and definitions, along with real-world examples, for hundreds of accounting words, all online — and free to use! 


Our CPA Exam-related videos provide free information on topics such as CPA Exam Basics, Strategies, and Updates, Help on Difficult Topics, Soft Skills, and Trending Topics within the CPA profession. Whatever topics you’re looking to learn more about, we’ve got you covered. 

Questions & Answers

Do you have some questions about becoming a CPA, ways to pass the CPA Exam, or if you should consider accounting as a second career? If so, our Q & A section in the learning center provides answers to some of the toughest questions you might have about the CPA journey. 

CPA Review Free Trial

Once you’ve reviewed all the free CPA resources available online, it’s time to decide whether or not to invest in a CPA Review Course.  Studies show that CPA Candidates who take a CPA Review Course have higher pass rates on the CPA Exam than those who don’t. Your success on the CPA Exam will directly impact your CPA career goals, so choosing to study “on your own” is a big risk to take. 

Quality results come from a quality CPA Exam preparation. Join the tens of thousands of students who have passed the CPA Exam with us. Start a free trial today! 

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