CPA Exam

Free CPA Exam Study Resource for CPA Candidates

Did you know that CPA Candidates have free online access to the professional literature used on the CPA Exam?  

The CPA Exam is a comprehensive test composed of 4 parts, given individually, over a total of 14 hours.

Each part consists of multiple-choice questions and Simulations (SIMS). SIMS are condensed case-studies designed to test candidates on their analysis, judgment, communication, and research required of entry-level CPAs. They’re structured to be a series of tasks that the candidate must complete that may include spreadsheets or forms, research on a topic, written business communication, and problem solving.

When working through simulations (SIMS), candidates will be required to do online search of professional literature databases to answer some of the questions. Did you know that CPA Candidates have free on-line access to this professional literature? 

Who is eligible for free on-line access to the professional literature?

According to the AICPA:

“Only candidates who have applied to take the CPA Exam, and have been deemed eligible by state boards of accountancy, will receive access to this package of professional literature. This online package of literature will familiarize CPA Exam candidates with the use of online accounting resources. However, the interface used by the online package is not exactly the same as that used in the operational CPA Examination. Candidates are strongly encouraged to also review the CPA Exam tutorial and sample tests found on this web site. The sample tests reflect the functionality and interfaces used in the actual examination.”

What’s included in the package:

  • AICPA Professional Standards
  • FASB Original Pronouncements
  • FASB Accounting Standards Codification. 

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