Future Accountants Reach their Goals Faster on a “Smarter” Path


Passing the CPA Exam is critical to both individual and organizational success. However, the process is often talked about by sharing mutual war stories. With content described as a “mile wide and an inch deep,” the Exam is usually discussed as an intimidating battle of endurance.

But what if there was a way to permanently change that narrative? What if there was a way to make the process less time consuming and more efficient by using successful students’ past behavior to forecast the likely future behavior candidates need to pass? Seems impossible, right? Welcome to the impossible!

Roger CPA Review is thrilled to share their latest innovation, already disrupting the market and changing the CPA Review experience. Meet SmartPath Predictive Technology™, a data-driven, predictive platform to further help accounting students prepare for and pass the CPA Exam faster than ever before.

Too often, candidates spend too much time on their strengths at the expense of focusing on their areas for improvement. This is the most significant barrier when determining success on the Exam. SmartPath eliminates that barrier.

Using predictive analytics, Roger CPA Review mined the proprietary data within their course and came back with diamonds. They discovered that there are specific behavioral trends of students who have passed the CPA Exam, revealing a criterion for success that, if emulated, is expected to increase the likelihood of future students successfully passing the CPA Exam.

By leveraging data from successful CPA Exam candidates, SmartPath identifies the number of questions each student needs to attempt and the performance they need to achieve, continuously tracking their progress against goal metrics. Simply put, SmartPath™ maximizes study time and builds confidence by guiding students on a data-proven path to success.

Roger CPA Review’s mission is simple: to change the way students learn to achieve maximum efficiency. With the power of new SmartPath Predictive Technology™, future accountants are empowered to achieve their career goals through impactful, data-driven learning — faster than ever before. The Roger CPA Review team is continuously driven by a passion to create innovative products and services that students not only need, but love.  

Top Reasons to Choose Roger CPA Review:

  • SmartPath Predictive Technology™- Pass the CPA Exam faster with data-supported targets based on the performance of students who have passed the CPA Exam
  • Effective & Dynamic Video Lectures – Understand complex accounting concepts through engaging, Smart Lectures™, drawing on effective visuals, analogies, and examples to reinforce the main point
  • The Questions students need to pass the first time, based on proven success rate metrics –  High Quality Multiple Choice Questions, Task-based Simulations, and AICPA-released questions and solutions – always current and up-to-date
  • Superior, 1-on-1 support – Personalized and virtual tutoring from expert CPAs, integrated time-management tools, and dedicated CPA Exam Advisers
  • Proven Results – 88% pass rate, plus a top choice among Elijah Watt Sells winners and the profession’s leading universities and firms

Roger CPA Review has helped 200,000 students reach their goals. It’s your turn. Try our program for free and #TaketheSmartPath.

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