Get Social: Recruiting in the Accounting Industry

Social media. Sure, its a great way to stalk your buddies from college or find out up-to-the-second-but-actually-before-it-happened news about a freak earthquake in D.C, but did you know that its also a pretty solid way to scout out or be scouted out by your dream job?

To the Millennial Generation, a question like this might solicit a duh. However, tune in and you’ll be blown away by the sheer way that Social Media has transformed recruiting for the Accounting Industry.

Introducing Jenny Cohrs, a Campus Recruiter for Burr Pilger Mayer ( BPM). Well-versed in the significance of social media in the recruiting-sphere, Jenny believes that not only is social media the way of the future, but its the way of the present. Simply put, jump on board or be left behind.

Get Found

Q: How do you specifically incorporate social media into your job as a Campus Recruiter?
A: Social media is not going anywhere. Forums such as LinkedIn & Facebook have become necessary tools for experienced hire recruiting for many companies. Its essential for candidates to make sure their online presence is kept clean and up to date, putting their best foot forward. The internet is a magnifying glass that can emphasize positive and negative points alike. As Campus Recruiter, I use blogs, Facebook, and Linkedin to share information about BPMs culture and upcoming recruiting events. I try to develop forums for candidates so they have many places to find out more about our firm.

Q: Do you think its important for potential hires to be involved with Social Media (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.)?
A: Because a lot of companies are recruiting heavily through sites like Linkedin, if you are NOT there, you are not even in the running! If you take care, use privacy settings, and highlight the best attributes of your own professional product, you could be recruited when youre not even looking! Another piece of advice from my friends, The Wright Brothers, Keep social media social. Dont just log in when you want something. You need to make the content on your site(s) relevant, useful, and truthful. Give more than you get.

Q: Where do you see the future of firm recruiting going with the growth of Social Media?
A: Regardless of everything social media has to offer, nothing will overpower the validity of a referral. REAL networking, in person, going out to coffee, interviews, happy hours ,etc. Facetime isn’t going anywhere either. Social Media will help in the form of reaching new talent that may not have been available before, but networking is still just as important to back up your profile page.

Go Scout Out

Not only is social media a way for potential employers to 1. find you and 2. research your qualifications and candidacy, but its also a way for you to do your own research, as well. As Jenny previously mentioned, she spearheads BPMs blog, Because People Matter. Blogs such as BPMs are a great way to find out if the company is a good cultural match for you, as well. You can do all the website research you want, but a companys social media should hopefully provide insight into their employees and culture.

Q: What are you hoping to accomplish by creating and managing your blog, Because People Matter?
A: Because People Matter is for readers who want to know what a day in the life of an employee at BPM is like. The blog highlights the stories that you wont find on a website or in the news. Its fun, helpful, and a good way to expose the world to the culture at BPM. As campus recruiter, the blog is meant to give students insight to the culture at BPM. What are some of the in house activities we do? Whats it like at the client site?

Q: Any other insider advice you’d like to share?
A: Privacy Settings! No matter what, use your privacy settings on Facebook. Students especially need to be aware that the term What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, is not true anymore with mobile technology. What happens on the Internet stays on the Internet, is the new thing. You can de-tag all you want, but that picture of you doing a keg stand has not been erased from the internet. People need to be more aware than ever of what is going up on the internet.

Google yourself if you haven’t already.

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