Guest Blog: Meet Sherri!

Sherri shares with us her all-too-common story of losing credit for three parts previously earned due to the 18-Month Rolling Window. We think her perserverance and hopeful attitude will serve as an inspiration to all! Sherri has passed BEC, FAR, and AUD, and now embarks on the REG Exam preparation.

Hello Everyone!

I hope that the new year has been a good one so far for all of you that are working, studying or both! I’m excited to be participating in the blog for Roger CPA students. Like so many of the other folks who have posted testimonials on his program, I too am a Roger convert!

I had three parts of the CPA passed at the end of 2009, with only FAR to go. I was comfortable with my progress and secure in knowing that I had almost a whole year to pass FAR, before losing credit. At the time, I had just moved, changed jobs and industries. Before I could blink, I had only two months remaining to prepare for the FAR exam before losing previous CPA credits. You can probably guess what happened.

I narrowly missed passing FAR, twice, and lost credit for all three parts previously earned.

It’s been a long road back with the new material to learn for International Accounting Standards, responsibilities of work and family, and the struggle of trying to put the FAR exam behind me. I finally passed FAR, with help from the Roger Course, and just took the Audit exam  this week. I am eagerly awaiting my scores. Hopefully March will bring good news for me, and a bit of rest and recovery, before I begin preparing for the REG exam and start the next Roger CPA course.

As all of you know, studying for the CPA exam isn’t simply just challenging. It’s draining, all-consuming, frustrating and…. rewarding. If this task was easy, everyone would be able to do it! With pass rates below 50%, it is clear that the CPA “club” is quite particular about its members!

I had to laugh this week when I saw Roger’s post about the myth that CPA’s are boring accounting types. Between the long hours I’ve been working and the time I’ve spent studying, I am bored with myself!

Although the CPA exam requires incredible dedication, I refuse to allow the process of passing or failing the CPA exam to define me.  By MY definition,  I’m a mom, a wife, and an accounting manager that loves working, fitness, reading, music of all kinds, writing, bowling, cycling and being with my friends and family. One day very soon, I will be all of these things, and… a CPA.

Have a great week all. Stay positive and focused on your goals!


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