Guest Blogger Angela: No Time for Celebration!

Though fairly new to our blog, Angela has completely embraced her role and now writes to inspire and encourage others who are also studying for the CPA Exam. She has experience as an auditor and some background in the corporate finance field. Angela has a great story to tell and we welcome her to our blog.

Hello everyone!  I had a great week I was VERY anxiously awaiting my BEC score.  Does anyone else seem to have a heart attack waiting for the screen to pop up with your score?  I must have checked the website 100 times last week so I was thrilled when I finally saw PASS!  

Time to celebrate, right?  Yes celebrate by studying for REG!  I just completed Section 1 on Gross Income.  I must say I am fascinated with the number of acronyms and memory mnemonics Roger has come up with in REG.  My boyfriend thinks Im crazy because Im walking around saying things like C the IRS jack you!  Hey whatever works, right?  

Seriously though, Roger has really broken this section down into manageable parts.  As I mentioned above, Roger has come up with some great memory aids to break down a Form 1040.  I kept thinking to myself while I was watching the lectures how long did it take him to come up with all of these?!?

I’m trying to find the most efficient and effective note taking for REG.  For prior exams, I have diligently written out notecards.  However, it takes forever to write everything down.  More than a few times when I was studying for BEC and reviewing my notecards, I thought to myself huh I wonder what that says?  Fortunately for me, theres not a handwriting simulation on the CPA exam! I feel like my notecard method might be too time consuming for REG.  For this section Im going to try to type notes as I go along.  

I am also trying to map out my schedule for REG.  For me, this is the hardest part about the CPA exam.  I am very diligent coming up with a study schedule; however, sticking with it is always the hardest part.  I work full-time and for me, its very difficult when I have a million things going on at work and I have to shut it all off and study.  Ive made an agreement with myself that my number one priority is finishing this exam once it is over, I can work night and day if I want to.  Now I have to hold myself to that!

Have a great week, everyone!  Study hard! 


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